Miss O's Mini Session

This past weekend, Billy & I decided to try to get some images of Olivia for her one year milestone.  When we were talking about it, it was early afternoon (3pm) and the sun was bright & there was just no way I was going to get good images of her due to her squinting from the sun-so we talked about doing them in about 3-4 hours.  As we were wrapping up the conversation, the sky darkened & it became very overcast & cloudy!  And since it's been raining & lightening the past week it seems-we opted to take advantage of the overcast dark sky & capture a few.  But it was windy, and she's one!  LOL!  She really didn't want to sit on a box, in the field.  She wanted me to hold her, she wanted me to show her what my camera screen was showing & she wanted me to be less then three feet away from her-so I was actually surprised that I did get a few good ones of her due to those facts.

Those who know about the O situation would probably guess that it's been a difficult year for our family, but it really has been surprisingly easy to accept and have this darling girl around.  The situation that surrounds her conception, well sure that's taken a little time to deal with - and has strictly been a situation between my husband and I.  These never transfer over to O for any reason.  She is accepted openly, willingly & lovingly by my entire family-from day one!  My family stood by my side & Billy's side & was patient, supportive & non-judgmental.  I feel truly blessed to have been given the family that I was born into & the friends that God placed in my life right at the right time when this all happened.  Those who have decided to exit, jump ship (for whatever reasons), I have learned to accept & forgive.  I now sit back and just enjoy my life-because it is my life-no one elses.  I live it for me & the people that stand there with me-not the ones that don't.  I used to think I had to try to make everyone happy-and so this journey has showed me that I don't.  I can't fix everything, I can't control everything & I certainly can't make people better.  They have to do that on their own.  Closed minded people will always be closed minded, you can talk your head off to them & try to make them think globally but they just will never get it-so you have to move on-accept it & appreciate it for what it is.  Learning, evolving, changing, growing - that is what I am always doing.

I won't be stuck, like others.  I just refuse to be that.  To me, when you are witnessing my life-either in person, or via photographs-I hope you can see that, I hope you can feel the love and joy that we all share together.  Our little family!  Thank you God for our little family!!!



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