Another Great Weekend & Anny

Well, this weekend was a long one.  We took off Thursday & Friday to spend some extra time together.  Our anniversary was on Thursday, though due to family obligations we couldn't really go out and celebrate on Thursday.  It was nice, however-to have time to spend at home in between picking up and dropping off kids of course.  The weekend went by way to fast because of this.

The boys started baseball practice on yes, you guessed it THURSDAY & Billy had to go pick up Miss O as well.  That's a great little story.  We get her a bit earl due to baseball practice & when Billy pulls into the drive way with her-she realizes that she's home and starts squealing in excitement & kicking her legs & reaching to get out of the car.  She was so excited, I could hear her as they came into the house even though I was way across the entire house in the office editing some photos.  Billy brought her into the office and she fell down into my arms immediately & just plopped her head on my shoulders and started patting my back/shoulder & rubbing-she did this for about two minutes, at which Weston comes into the office saying "OLIVIA YOU'RE HOME"...which got her all excited and she screeched and went to him for some brother loving.  We were feeling the love, for sure all weekend.  She was very loving and affectionate all weekend.  We missed her and I'd have to say-she must have missed us too.

We did finally get out on Saturday night for some dinner at Conestogas in Alachua.  Mmm Mmm good.  The husband was very attentive & love was felt all night-I even got a glimpse of the person I first met, the way he was looking at me smiling & flirting.  It was cute.  Billy's mom came to watch O-brought her some adorable new clothing, toys & two really cute little chairs for O's big room!

Tried to watch the game, but it was interupted by our dinner plans, but after I had my JUNIOR steak & sweet potato fries-I did enjoy a cold brew-because well-I deserved the treat after a week long of eating smaller portions & having no wine, soda & counting calories-but it paid off..I am now 6.5 pounds smaller then I was last week!  GO ME!!
I can't wait for fall-how about you!?

Did some crazy shopping, bought a ton of stuff at Sams & Walmart, Target...Old Navy.  Bought clothes to go to O's "mamas" & some more diapers & wipes.
Yes, this is a real photo-of soup I bought at Sam's!!  Today, I am having a taste-I'll let you know if it's worth the fuss lol!!!

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