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Olivia | Personal

I never have claimed to be a baby photographer, but here are some of our little pnut, which I know has lots of technical flaws, not to mention it was so windy & she just wasn't having it (she doesn't like to be anything but ON TOP OF YOU not way from we did about a 5 minutes mini-mini with her & this is what we came up with.  To me, even with my errors-they are perfect :)


Another Great Weekend & Anny

Well, this weekend was a long one.  We took off Thursday & Friday to spend some extra time together.  Our anniversary was on Thursday, though due to family obligations we couldn't really go out and celebrate on Thursday.  It was nice, however-to have time to spend at home in between picking up and dropping off kids of course.  The weekend went by way to fast because of this.

The boys started baseball practice on yes, you guessed it THURSDAY & Billy had to go pick up Miss O as well.  That's a great little story.  We get her a bit earl due to baseball practice & when Billy pulls into the drive way with her-she realizes that she's home and starts squealing in excitement & kicking her legs & reaching to get out of the car.  She was so excited, I could hear her as they came into the house even though I was way across the entire house in the office editing some photos.  Billy brought her into the office and she fell down into my arms immediately & just plopped her head on my shoulders and started patting my back/shoulder & rubbing-she did this for about two minutes, at which Weston comes into the office saying "OLIVIA YOU'RE HOME"...which got her all excited and she screeched and went to him for some brother loving.  We were feeling the love, for sure all weekend.  She was very loving and affectionate all weekend.  We missed her and I'd have to say-she must have missed us too.

We did finally get out on Saturday night for some dinner at Conestogas in Alachua.  Mmm Mmm good.  The husband was very attentive & love was felt all night-I even got a glimpse of the person I first met, the way he was looking at me smiling & flirting.  It was cute.  Billy's mom came to watch O-brought her some adorable new clothing, toys & two really cute little chairs for O's big room!

Tried to watch the game, but it was interupted by our dinner plans, but after I had my JUNIOR steak & sweet potato fries-I did enjoy a cold brew-because well-I deserved the treat after a week long of eating smaller portions & having no wine, soda & counting calories-but it paid off..I am now 6.5 pounds smaller then I was last week!  GO ME!!
I can't wait for fall-how about you!?

Did some crazy shopping, bought a ton of stuff at Sams & Walmart, Target...Old Navy.  Bought clothes to go to O's "mamas" & some more diapers & wipes.
Yes, this is a real photo-of soup I bought at Sam's!!  Today, I am having a taste-I'll let you know if it's worth the fuss lol!!!

Daryl & Kim | O'Leno State Park, FL

Kim and I have been friends since elementary school, and I never miss a change to photograph her beautiful face.  So when she asks me if I want to meet her at the O'Leno State Park one early morning, I jumped at the change.  This guy, Daryl is her new love.....and as you can see from the photos they are mad for each other.  Ahhh, I just love love-don't you?

The Pusher

I just want this out in the open for the record.  The reasons things are the way they are in our lives is mostly because I have pushed and decided them to be so.  If you like the way something is happening in our lives, it's because I fought to make it that way.  I guided someone to make that choice.  If you are proud for them, you must also be proud for me as well.  If you sit back and smile & say, wow-what a great father he is because ____ then you must know, that I am there-by his side, helping along the way.  Nothing that has happened was a decision he came up with on his own, or something forced on me.  I do not, of course, get credit for this-but know that is what is happening behind the scene.  There is much more, I have been pushing to have done-that just hasn't made it out in the open yet.  So if you sit back and judge that something has not been done quick enough for you, and you feel the need to speak it out of your ignorant mouth-please know that things are happening that you don't know about.  The reason you are not all knowing is because it's non of your business at this point.  We do not need your unwanted and uneducated advice on how to raise our kids (ALL FIVE OF THEM) nor do we want it to be honest with you.

Life is a wonderful thing, and we are all living it to the best of our abilities.  I for one, am not ashamed of myself or my life-no matter how it has turned out or how it will turn out.  Things are as they should be, and things will be as they should be.  I do not hold hatred in my heart for anyone.  I do feel as though, from time to time-I feel weary about the process of just knowing things can never go back to the way they were, in all regards & in all relationships involved.

But facts are the facts, and not everyone knows the truth-they only know what they need to know, or what they think they want to know.  But over the past several months, new things have come to light-that prove that I am not the "ugly" person in this situation.  And I would hope, after all has come to light you enjoy your situation & the people you get to be around in your situation.  I try not to be ugly, and say hateful things-even when they are being said to me.  I just don't have that devil in me so deep to be able to do it.  But I must say, sitting back and watching karma take shape on these true "ugly" people makes me smile just for a moment & then feel bad that I have smiled & I feel sympathetic to the small souls that have no choice.

So for that I ask that you pray for my family, my friends & pray in general-for peace, humility, love & grace.

Listen Friends

Friendship is a two way street, always has been-always will be. If I listen to you bitch about your husband, your kids, your job, your other friends-if we're that close that I know all the negatives in your life, then it would be logical that when I have an issue-or just need to vent to someone that you'd be there for me too, right?  Right?

It doesn't seem the case this day in age.  It seems that people are to selfish for real adult relationships.  It seems like they just want to talk talk talk and not listen listen listen.  I find it disturbing that I can say this about way to many people.

And let's face it, these days I don't have much to complain about-my life is on track again & things are going great-so there have just been small weird things, situations that I needed to vent to a friend-yet, the response just isn't there-not like I would think it should be.  But that's okay.  I will return the favor!

<3 Enjoy!

A Beautiful Quote I read Today!

"When people show you who they are believe them!"

I do believe.  I believe this with actions/intentions shown to me that shined the light on how closed minded & horrible people can be & I believe this with actions/intentions that have shown me how wonderful, forgiving & patient people can be.  It is hard to believe how far I have come in just a year.  Life was so different back then.  I have forgotten some things-not a lot, but a few & with forgetting I have forgiven-but mainly I am proud of how I have healed.  How I have managed it, and how I have keep my head held high the entire time.  I have nothing to be ashamed of, I have no one to apologize to, not even myself.

My family, despite how it could have turned-has thrived through adversity of many kinds.  I am proud of us all, my children, my husband & I.  The grace and appreciation shown by those who love and understand has been amazing.  It's been truly eye opening.

Some of you will never get rid of me now-some of you will never get me or my family back (not truly)...and we are all okay with that.  It's not much of a sacrifice when you think about all we have gained.

Miss O's Mini Session

This past weekend, Billy & I decided to try to get some images of Olivia for her one year milestone.  When we were talking about it, it was early afternoon (3pm) and the sun was bright & there was just no way I was going to get good images of her due to her squinting from the sun-so we talked about doing them in about 3-4 hours.  As we were wrapping up the conversation, the sky darkened & it became very overcast & cloudy!  And since it's been raining & lightening the past week it seems-we opted to take advantage of the overcast dark sky & capture a few.  But it was windy, and she's one!  LOL!  She really didn't want to sit on a box, in the field.  She wanted me to hold her, she wanted me to show her what my camera screen was showing & she wanted me to be less then three feet away from her-so I was actually surprised that I did get a few good ones of her due to those facts.

Those who know about the O situation would probably guess that it's been a difficult year for our family, but it really has been surprisingly easy to accept and have this darling girl around.  The situation that surrounds her conception, well sure that's taken a little time to deal with - and has strictly been a situation between my husband and I.  These never transfer over to O for any reason.  She is accepted openly, willingly & lovingly by my entire family-from day one!  My family stood by my side & Billy's side & was patient, supportive & non-judgmental.  I feel truly blessed to have been given the family that I was born into & the friends that God placed in my life right at the right time when this all happened.  Those who have decided to exit, jump ship (for whatever reasons), I have learned to accept & forgive.  I now sit back and just enjoy my life-because it is my life-no one elses.  I live it for me & the people that stand there with me-not the ones that don't.  I used to think I had to try to make everyone happy-and so this journey has showed me that I don't.  I can't fix everything, I can't control everything & I certainly can't make people better.  They have to do that on their own.  Closed minded people will always be closed minded, you can talk your head off to them & try to make them think globally but they just will never get it-so you have to move on-accept it & appreciate it for what it is.  Learning, evolving, changing, growing - that is what I am always doing.

I won't be stuck, like others.  I just refuse to be that.  To me, when you are witnessing my life-either in person, or via photographs-I hope you can see that, I hope you can feel the love and joy that we all share together.  Our little family!  Thank you God for our little family!!!


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