Turn it AROUND girl!

I came across this image today while searching on Pinterest for ideas on DIY projects I have going around in my head for the house.  It's the second time I've read something today about staying positive, to keep my mind positive for the future.  How easy it is to forget that if we think negative we will be negative.  Seeing something inspirational twice really does pick up my spirits a bit.  Lately I have been struggling with the feeling of jealousy I guess.  I post things about my children on social media (private for friends & family only) photos, great things going on in our family & more-yet I get little to NO response or encouragement from certain people-yet I see them liking, commenting on things that don't relate or even matter to them as much as we should.  I have a hard time lately with feeling unimportant to these people, as well as my children (step & birth) being unimportant.  And I find that it makes me think very negatively about that person, about myself & about my place in their life as well as my own.  But I have to continue to push past that and stay positive, because in the end, I am the one in control of how I let it effect me.  I am in control of weather or not I am going to let it make me sad, negative, if I let it hurt my feelings & every thing else associated.  So, a negative mind mind really will never get you a positive life.  And perhaps, the reason these people won't accept or participate is because they are sad, negative, jealous, thought-less & careless & by buying into that-I am allowing myself to do the same.  So, I must stop!



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