Thursday, August 14, 2014

In Spite of!!!!!!!!!!!!

So last night, after speaking to my friend Sam about her deleted facebook page - I thought, hell I should delete my page to, or at least stay off facebook for a few months to get my mind clear & just stay away from the drama and negative bull that seems to circulate daily!  I thought also, it would force me to be more physically social and not just get on facebook & run to someone's page to see how they were doing-I'd actually have to call them or go see them in person if I wasn't on the internet-like the ol'days!

But this morning, when I logged in I saw this post from a friend of mine.  It struck me as something very needed in my current frame of mind.  And though this is simple and lovely, it was what SHE wrote that really touched me and really got me thinking, and I quote "My philosophy has always been ...... you can be a "because of" or an "in spite of" kind of person. The choice is yours"  How wonderful to have this philosophy.  I want this way of thinking, and if you want something-you can make it happen, especially if you want it bad enough.  One thing is true, I love my new daughter-who just turned a year old actually!  I wouldn't have her in my life if the horrible "thing" didn't happen, and I never thought I would say this-at least not a year & nine months ago-but I wouldn't go back in time & make different choices.  I am were I want to be, and so over the year I have started thinking that way & it does help-but reading these types of things.  And it's true.  I am getting off topic, but the point is.  I am going to wake up and tell myself this saying.  I have already written it out several times-so I can place sticky notes all over so it's very visible.  I feel good, I feel really good!!!

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