Bad Company Ruins Good Morals


Today I came across this image & quote  It's very thought provoking.  I shared it with my husband, and he agreed.  As you know, we have been living in a situation over the past several years that make this the truest statement I have read in a long time.

For one, my husband is a good moral person-yet he did something very immoral with a very immoral person.  Before this person entered our lives, he was clean-and wasn't touched by hate, lies, deceit & destructive behavior.  This other person, in question-had been touched by these things prior.  Some argue, after all is said & done that I am the bearer of his "change", but they are blind, ignorant fools who can't see the big picture, obviously.

Looking at the bigger picture, looking at things globally require you to be open minded and require you to not be selfish.  These are rare characteristics in today's time for some odd reason.

I hope that after my own children have grown up and left our home, that they walk away into the world thinking with a broad mind & have heavy shoulders to carry the burden of ignorance.  I hope that I have taught them to be strong and resist "bad company" and continue on the path they know they should be on.

Even though our family has been faced with this "bad company" we persevere & do the best we can with the knowledge, the love & the life experience we have at the time.  We are always learning and always evolving.  We do not live to just be breath, but to exist-to matter!

Digressing back to my husband, he has returned to his state of moral well being, is at peace with himself & I am at peace with our marriage.

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Random Things.....

  1. I am a hopeless romantic, even though love has not been an easy ride
  2. I have worked at UF since I was 18 years old, and will be retiring in 9 short years
  3. Weston was a twin
  4. I am very impatient
  5. I've been married three times
  6. I love cowboy boots, and own several pairs
  7. I am just a 1/2 inch below being six foot tall
  8. I want a tummy tuck
  9. I try to find the beauty in everyone I meet
  10. I look at facebook every day almost
  11. I do not own a coat
  12. I want to visit Ireland/Germany
  13. I've been to England
  14. I regret every time I cut my hair
  15. I wish I could wear bangs
  16. I still have very vivid dreams
  17. I am very unorganized, yet I try not to be
  18. I hate grocery shopping
  19. I love fall/winter
  20. I am very independent
  21. I hate liars & rude people
  22. If you're loved by me, I can be forgiving
  23. I am pretty traditional
  24. I am a realistic parent


In Spite of!!!!!!!!!!!!

So last night, after speaking to my friend Sam about her deleted facebook page - I thought, hell I should delete my page to, or at least stay off facebook for a few months to get my mind clear & just stay away from the drama and negative bull that seems to circulate daily!  I thought also, it would force me to be more physically social and not just get on facebook & run to someone's page to see how they were doing-I'd actually have to call them or go see them in person if I wasn't on the internet-like the ol'days!

But this morning, when I logged in I saw this post from a friend of mine.  It struck me as something very needed in my current frame of mind.  And though this is simple and lovely, it was what SHE wrote that really touched me and really got me thinking, and I quote "My philosophy has always been ...... you can be a "because of" or an "in spite of" kind of person. The choice is yours"  How wonderful to have this philosophy.  I want this way of thinking, and if you want something-you can make it happen, especially if you want it bad enough.  One thing is true, I love my new daughter-who just turned a year old actually!  I wouldn't have her in my life if the horrible "thing" didn't happen, and I never thought I would say this-at least not a year & nine months ago-but I wouldn't go back in time & make different choices.  I am were I want to be, and so over the year I have started thinking that way & it does help-but reading these types of things.  And it's true.  I am getting off topic, but the point is.  I am going to wake up and tell myself this saying.  I have already written it out several times-so I can place sticky notes all over so it's very visible.  I feel good, I feel really good!!!

Turn it AROUND girl!

I came across this image today while searching on Pinterest for ideas on DIY projects I have going around in my head for the house.  It's the second time I've read something today about staying positive, to keep my mind positive for the future.  How easy it is to forget that if we think negative we will be negative.  Seeing something inspirational twice really does pick up my spirits a bit.  Lately I have been struggling with the feeling of jealousy I guess.  I post things about my children on social media (private for friends & family only) photos, great things going on in our family & more-yet I get little to NO response or encouragement from certain people-yet I see them liking, commenting on things that don't relate or even matter to them as much as we should.  I have a hard time lately with feeling unimportant to these people, as well as my children (step & birth) being unimportant.  And I find that it makes me think very negatively about that person, about myself & about my place in their life as well as my own.  But I have to continue to push past that and stay positive, because in the end, I am the one in control of how I let it effect me.  I am in control of weather or not I am going to let it make me sad, negative, if I let it hurt my feelings & every thing else associated.  So, a negative mind mind really will never get you a positive life.  And perhaps, the reason these people won't accept or participate is because they are sad, negative, jealous, thought-less & careless & by buying into that-I am allowing myself to do the same.  So, I must stop!


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