Gosh, so much going on!!

We had O this weekend, even though we were informed that the poor dear had MRSA.  Luckily for us, and for herself personally-the sores were mended & all that remained was a little discoloration of skin.  Bless her little heart. She was in a great mood all weekend, all she did was follow everyone around-laughing & playing.  She even enjoyed time in the CUB CAVE with her brothers.  One thing for sure, she and I have totally bonded & that is evident with every visit.  She prefers to sit with or play with me, she follows me around the house like my little shadow.  If someone tries to take her from me to hold her or play with her, she grasps tighter & looks at me with the "you better not let go of me face".  She has such a sweet little personality too, she makes frown faces now-though she does it even when she's happy-she just does it.  We all laugh & she laughs too-in a sweet almost silent giggle.  When she wakes-she doesn't cry-she just calls out!  Sounds almost like she is saying "hey...." - lol.  I love it and look forward to each and every time she comes home.

On another note, Teresa has moved into her very own apartment over the past week.  Her first place of her own that isn't just a bedroom & shared living area.  She has her own room, her own bathroom, her own living room & her own kitchen.  Shared with no one, except Alex of course.  She sent me photos & it really is just to cute-and she is super excited about it as well.  I can't wait to go visit in the spring.

Weston & Xander will be starting school soon.  The summer just seems like it started, hard to believe it's already almost over & it's almost time for me to go drop a few hundred on school clothing & supplies!  Lord knows I can afford it now that we are getting that nice bonus at work.  I like it when things come together like that & you are provided with what you need, when you really need it.  Thank you God, for being so generous with our family when we are in the most need :)

Nothing really else new to report on.  Oh, Gavin is moving out-yeah, he is moving in with his buddy & two other people.  I don't know how I feel about this yet, but he's a grown man & can do what he wants-but just know a new grown man.  He'll be going to basic training soon & well, then he really will be "out of the nest".  Pray for us!!!



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