Maleficent was Magnificent

We had date night on Friday & it was fantastic.  So good to do something that wasn't baseball, cooking or anything home like related for just a few hours.  We went & saw Maleficent and ate extra buttery popcorn.  I must say, the movie was great.  I loved it in fact.  It was sweet & it reminded me a lot of my relationship with Miss O.  I feel it is a must see :)

After the movie we grabbed some dinner at the OG, which for some weird reason is one of my most favorite places to go these days.  They just have this dish called Steak Gorgonzola and it just makes me mouth water thinking about it. It's basically Alfredo, with steak on top of it drizzled in a warm balsamic glaze & Gorgonzola mixed in.  Yum Yum!  I get it EVERY time.

This weekend, we have some fun things planned as well.  The gulf, movies with a friend, the gulf again (different area) and maybe even a mini session with a little cutie.  We were suppose to shoot together last weekend, but alas the weather ruined it for us.  Hopefully the weather will be kind to us this weekend, considering all the outside activities we have planned.

I hope you all enjoy yours!

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