Another Fun Weekend

Saturday morning, we all got up and headed to Poe Springs to meet up with my sister, her family & my dad, stepmom & baby brother for a picnic & some much desired swimming (by the boys).  We had a great time, despite the extremely long walk to the spring & the weather that forced us to leave before the park closed (we had planned to stay until 6pm).  I didn't bring my big camera, again-so please feel free to enjoy these few photos I was able to capture with my iPhone.  Now, mind you-I would have taken some of the boys - but they were sort of wanting a mom-dad free swim zone.  My sister did capture two-see the  And O, well I was worried she'd hate the springs-but she loved it-I mean LOVED IT!!!!!  She was squealing and laughing, had other moms gathering around just to watch her enjoy the water.  She made everyone smile & laugh.  It was awesome!

(woo hoo-Selfie-Saturday)

Sunday, Xander woke up with a swollen mouth.  He has a cavity in one of his baby molars & the dentist has told his mom that they won't do anything about it twice now, and since he's 10 and doesn't really take care of his teeth like he should-this is the result of that.  Oh we have to nag that child to brush his teeth.  Anyway, Billy had already committed to go to my parents to help my dad work on the pool-after he squared away Xander getting picked up a few hours early he set off for that adventure & I stayed with the boys to get them to their other parents.  O & I headed to moms after that.  (Xander is fine btw-his mom took him to the doctors & got him on some meds & he saw the dentist the next day & they are removing the tooth-FINALLY)

Again, due to playing with the baby & enjoying family-I didn't capture much-but here is what I did capture :)

I was home with O all day on Monday & she was my little shadow-I literally couldn't do anything without a. taking her with me, or b. having her follow behind me all the way.  By the end of the day, when it was time for a bath her little knees were pretty red from all that crawling.  But we had a great day!!
 She's learned to make sounds with her tongue-and she especially loves watching herself on the iphone while doing it lol.
An example of her by my side-begging to be let up into the chair with me (which I did of course-but not after I put my rubber hand in her hair lol)



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