Thursday, May 22, 2014

Shoe Joy....

So the other day, I posted a photo of these shoes on facebook & tagged my husband in the post.  I said something along the lines of how much happiness & joy these babies would bring me.  Are they not the cutest?  You should check out the website!  They are on sale now for only $49.99 & come in three different colors/styles.  These ones just happen to be my favorite.

But the point to this post is, the day I posted these he text me and said "those shoes are on the way to the house baby...."  This is the first time he's ever bought me something like this on his own, for no reason at all.  I am super excited & can't wait to wear them during the summer with some cute shorts & tank.  I'll post photos later of them on my tootsies.....ENJOY YOUR DAY!!!

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