Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Parenthood: What's Required?

What's required you say!?  Well, being a mother to my own three biological children & a step-mother to my two bonus-children, I can answer that question  Love is the requirement, not DNA.  This is a lesson I learned a long time ago, when I came into Xander & Billy's life.  This lesson prepared me for my relationship with my step-daughter as well.  Some people will never understand that, and that's okay.  We will continue to live our lives & co-parent our little hearts out.  Before judgments and criticism comes out of a mouth that doesn't matter in the situation, sit back and think about your actions, your words and the consequences of them.  I am certain, that our situation & the butting in on our lives isn't the first time that gator flapped open & spewed out crap to others, without thinking-bringing you regret later.  This, is another lesson I have learned, but lucky for me I learned this lesson when I was a child.  And so there for, I continue on with my life-with my head held high-proud of myself & my accomplishments as a mother & step-mother.  This is something, I know for a fact-that you can't brag about.  So judge away <3!!!

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