Wednesday, May 28, 2014

It's always SOMETHING.....

I hope everyone is having a fabulous day.  We are preparing for Gavin's graduation from High School this Friday.  I am ever so excited & ever so nervous about it at the same time.  He plans to join the ARMY after graduation, and plans to put this into motion during the Summer this year.  Maybe that is why I am so nervous.  We had talked to him for almost a year about joining the Navy or the Air Force, he's so smart & I hate to see him just be a gun cleaner.  He really could do so much more, and trust me I've said my peace about it & now I just have to turn around and support him 100% in his decision & try to put a smile on my face while I do so.  I am proud of the man he's grown to be, regardless if he's going into the Army over the Navy-lol!  I know that the P&H's of our family and even the M's have a rich history in the Army, Navy & Air Force, so it must just be in his blood.

On another note.  This weekend, we went to BM and explained to her that we wanted her to drop off the babe on time-not early.  Her response was she needed that extra time, to get extra lovings and kisses which is fine & totally understandable considering how lovable little O is, but not really sure why she feels the need for an audience?  Maybe that's an entirely separate issue we'll have to discuss later.  Again, we said - please just do it at the specified time (pretty simple-not sure why you can't just say no problem)-so we don't inconvenience anyone.  Instead of getting the hint, or actually realizing that there was a REASON we were asking this, without saying anything rude-she gets bent out of shape & contacts the person she's inconveniencing.  And being nice, the person just said a little early is fine.  In the end, we look like assholes for trying to take care of an issue that was brought to US.  And someone, just can't seem to understand that no one wants to "hang out"?  You can visit, on your own time-that's awesome if you want to do that-we visit on our own time-we don't need someone "watching" us to prove we're doing what's right or that we love Miss O.  Is it really that big of a stretch to understand why it was brought up in the first place?  LOL!  Baffles my mind.  It's true what people say, you can lead a horse to water-but you can't make them drink!

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