Oh the Joy

These little beauties showed up in the mail today, thank you hunnybear-they are just so cute.  They came in a gorgeous box that pulls out like a drawer, a beautiful "thank you card", a dazzling hair clip and of course the SHOES!  Don't you just love these little flats?  They are so very comfortable, and owning them now makes me want to order the other two colors they have in stock.  Hubby bought these for me in a size 9.5, normally I wear a 9 but that is all they had & I had to have them-they are not tooooo big, but they are not snug either.

Some other gorgeousness from the site www.joyfolie.com

Now-these are kid shoes-but HELLO!

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Oh I think I have this....BDD!!!

Signs and symptoms of body dysmorphic disorder include:
  • Preoccupation with your physical appearance
  • Strong belief that you have an abnormality or defect in your appearance that makes you ugly
  • Frequent examination of yourself in the mirror or, conversely, avoidance of mirrors altogether
  • Belief that others take special notice of your appearance in a negative way
  • The need to seek reassurance about your appearance from others
  • Frequent cosmetic procedures with little satisfaction
  • Excessive grooming, such as hair plucking
  • Extreme self-consciousness
  • Refusal to appear in pictures
  • Skin picking
  • Comparison of your appearance with that of others
  • Avoidance of social situations
  • The need to wear excessive makeup or clothing to camouflage perceived flaws
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It's always SOMETHING.....

I hope everyone is having a fabulous day.  We are preparing for Gavin's graduation from High School this Friday.  I am ever so excited & ever so nervous about it at the same time.  He plans to join the ARMY after graduation, and plans to put this into motion during the Summer this year.  Maybe that is why I am so nervous.  We had talked to him for almost a year about joining the Navy or the Air Force, he's so smart & I hate to see him just be a gun cleaner.  He really could do so much more, and trust me I've said my peace about it & now I just have to turn around and support him 100% in his decision & try to put a smile on my face while I do so.  I am proud of the man he's grown to be, regardless if he's going into the Army over the Navy-lol!  I know that the P&H's of our family and even the M's have a rich history in the Army, Navy & Air Force, so it must just be in his blood.

On another note.  This weekend, we went to BM and explained to her that we wanted her to drop off the babe on time-not early.  Her response was she needed that extra time, to get extra lovings and kisses which is fine & totally understandable considering how lovable little O is, but not really sure why she feels the need for an audience?  Maybe that's an entirely separate issue we'll have to discuss later.  Again, we said - please just do it at the specified time (pretty simple-not sure why you can't just say no problem)-so we don't inconvenience anyone.  Instead of getting the hint, or actually realizing that there was a REASON we were asking this, without saying anything rude-she gets bent out of shape & contacts the person she's inconveniencing.  And being nice, the person just said a little early is fine.  In the end, we look like assholes for trying to take care of an issue that was brought to US.  And someone, just can't seem to understand that no one wants to "hang out"?  You can visit, on your own time-that's awesome if you want to do that-we visit on our own time-we don't need someone "watching" us to prove we're doing what's right or that we love Miss O.  Is it really that big of a stretch to understand why it was brought up in the first place?  LOL!  Baffles my mind.  It's true what people say, you can lead a horse to water-but you can't make them drink!

Oh, fatty fat fat

Over the past several months, I have had many conversations, with many different ladies, some of which are just acquaintances and some of which are friends.  But the conversations have all been basically about the same thing, fat.  Feeling fat and feeling unattractive because of it.  My question is, does fat make you ugly or does fat just make you fat?  Are you not pretty if you're fat?  I think you're either pretty or you're not.  And that itself is subjective as well, eye of the beholder and all that shit.  But the fact remains, these woman I am talking about-they are beautiful inside & out.  The outside doesn't make them unattractive at all.  I have met some fat girls recently too, in the past year-and they are not pretty because inside they are crap-and they have proven to be
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Shoe Joy....

So the other day, I posted a photo of these shoes on facebook & tagged my husband in the post.  I said something along the lines of how much happiness & joy these babies would bring me.  Are they not the cutest?  You should check out the website www.joyfolie.com!  They are on sale now for only $49.99 & come in three different colors/styles.  These ones just happen to be my favorite.

But the point to this post is, the day I posted these he text me and said "those shoes are on the way to the house baby...."  This is the first time he's ever bought me something like this on his own, for no reason at all.  I am super excited & can't wait to wear them during the summer with some cute shorts & tank.  I'll post photos later of them on my tootsies.....ENJOY YOUR DAY!!!

Chris & Cassie's Wedding | Washington State

When your best friend calls you up and asks you if you'll fly to Washington to photograph her youngest daughters wedding, you always say yes.  I loved everything about this adventure, seeing my best friend again, seeing her family again, visiting Seattle among other great places.  Seeing the tulips growing everywhere.  Eating!  Yes, I say eating because I did a lot of that.  But mostly, watching and capturing the special day of Chris & Cassie.  What a blessing.  Congratulations guys!  Much love!

(update: Chris has since joined the Marines - thank you for service young man)

Beach Baby!

I have been slacking in the blogging department lately haven't I?  It's not because I don't care-it's because we have been pretty busy.  Busy with baseball, Teresa visiting & trying to get on a good do-able schedule with Miss O.  And when we are ate baseball, during our visit with Teresa & our time with O, we have been rather busy-doing, rather then picture taking and posting.  Slacker I know, I should be able to do it all, what's wrong with me?

When we took Teresa & Alex back to Jacksonville to catch the plane back to Oregon, we visited Jax beach for a few hours, it was gorgeous-and the breeze, the sun & the salt water all felt so nice.  I miss it already!!!  I want to take O & the boys on a long day trip, and will just as soon as baseball is over-which ironically we are having our last game tomorrow, so look out beach-look out because the Johnson's are coming, and soon :)

No Comfort

When you have been hurt by someone, it doesn't seem that the way they made you feel is something easy to forget.  It's easy to forget in time the actions, or the words-but the feelings, not so much.

I feel, sometimes, that I live in a world of regret, a world of constantly looking over my shoulders & in a world that is not comfortable or tailored for me.  Before, I foolishly did live in such a world.  A comfortable dreamland, of sorts.  Can you go back to those old feelings, ever?

That is a question I am still seeking an answer too.

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It's a Beautiful World

I have not had time to edit all my photos from my trip to Washington yet.  Still muddling through not only the wedding photos by my own personal photos (which really didn't get that many).  Last night before I started editing Cassie's photos-I took a quick glance at some photos I took at the tulip fields.  One inparticular caught my eye, it was one I thought for sure I'd want to toss-but kept it for some reason.  When I first got out of the car, my lens fogged up-and maybe they don't call if fogging up in Washington, since I was coming from a warm car into the wet cold elements of the brisk morning air.....but this is the image that was captured-and this is unedited.  Love.

Parenthood: What's Required?

What's required you say!?  Well, being a mother to my own three biological children & a step-mother to my two bonus-children, I can answer that question with............................love.  Love is the requirement, not DNA.  This is a lesson I learned a long time ago, when I came into Xander & Billy's life.  This lesson prepared me for my relationship with my step-daughter as well.  Some people will never understand that, and that's okay.  We will continue to live our lives & co-parent our little hearts out.  Before judgments and criticism comes out of a mouth that doesn't matter in the situation, sit back and think about your actions, your words and the consequences of them.  I am certain, that our situation & the butting in on our lives isn't the first time that gator flapped open & spewed out crap to others, without thinking-bringing you regret later.  This, is another lesson I have learned, but lucky for me I learned this lesson when I was a child.  And so there for, I continue on with my life-with my head held high-proud of myself & my accomplishments as a mother & step-mother.  This is something, I know for a fact-that you can't brag about.  So judge away <3!!!


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