Friday, March 21, 2014

It's Friday, Friday-gotta get down on Friday

This weekend couldn't get here fast enough.  Not because anything exciting is happening, or extraordinary-we just have some baseball games with the boys is all & Miss O is coming home for the weekend.  I have been sick all week, and was sick all last weekend-so I am happy to be feeling a bit more normal so I can spend the weekend with my loves instead of laying up in the bed coughing and moaning.  Not only that, but I did some online shopping & some retail shop shopping and got Miss O some cute summer outfits for our home & her mothers home.  Check another thing off the list, oh yeah.  I also finally got her room some what completed, as far as all the new bedding I wanted.  Also refreshed the guest bath (G&O's Bathroom), though G said that I must be pushing him out already since the new style is a bit more feminine lol.  He said it jokingly of course.  Well, there is one thing that can be said no matter what happens, I always did all I could to make her feel loved, wanted, welcome, thought of & accepted.  Again, another situation I can walk away from if I have to with my head held high.  Billy is always commenting on how I always seem to have one foot out the door, and how that worries him daily.  I don't feel that I have a foot out the door, I do feel as though I am very cautious of my heart & soul though & I am always watching and keeping guard of it.  I guess eventually I will learn to soften up and start letting those walls down.  We'll see.

Today I woke up feeling "pretty", which doesn't happen to often (as a girl if you are reading this you know exactly what I am talking about).  I am wearing new shoes to celebrate this feeling, which is kind of like putting a cherry on top.  The top is new as well, though not the first time I've worn it.

I hope everyone has a great weekend, and I hope to have lots of photos to share of the boys playing this weekend! <3

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  1. Good morning. You look beautiful. Happy Friday.