Back at It

After a long, stressful & emotionally draining several weeks-this weekend we had our first set of baseball games.  Weston's team lost & Xander's team won....but they all played great.  Very proud of my boys.  Billy mowed on Sunday & I cleaned out the closet of bedroom #5 and the shed-something I've been meaning to do for months now.  Making room, and trying to decide what I can part with.  The weekend was gorgeous, sunny, bright & warm.  Here are a few photos I'd like to show off.

 Coach Billy, giving the boys *& 1 girl* a pep talk before starting game #1 of Spring Ball Season 2014.  Very proud of my husband for coaching again this year.  He's a great coach & he listens to his wife's advice about who should play where lol ;)

 Xander throwing out the first pitch of the game.  He did a great job.  Pitched two innings.

 Weston, at bat.  Ready to hit that ball!!!

 My sweet Weston, being ummm-well SILLY!!!

& last but not least...while Billy mowed-Miss O and I watched-and played.....

Give me that camera lele!!

Look at those lashes-she get's them from her brother Xander!

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