Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A little Heart Warming

For the past two weeks, I have been sending my husband messages daily to help remind him that he's loved and needed.  Since Friday, I've been sick and needless to say, slacking in the "sweet" department.  Today, I was looking over passages of things to say to your husband (things I jotted down over the years) and I came across one that said "Thank you for your faithfulness to our marriage".  Well, I look at that all the time, and think-well I damn sure can't send him that can I-and I'll move on to something else.  Today, I decided to say it.......I told him "Thank you for your new faithfulness to our marriage"...and his response was very touching, his words were "Thank you baby. I never want to put you through anything like this again. I love you more than life itself and want to spend what little time we have on earth with my best friend and love of my life."

Just thought I'd share.... <3
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