You're so Wrong

I must admit, I am super excited that Gavin will be coming home in just one day!  He'll be picked up by his amazing Grandparents tomorrow at 1pm and driven home for the holidays.  He wants to surprise us; though I am sure he must know that we know he's coming home & when, since his commanding officer sends the parents letters with such information!

I am so proud of my children.  How lucky am I to have children that are out there living in this world on their own, being successful & making a difference.  It's funny because along the way, I would hear negative remarks from my dad or one of my brothers about how they would never amount to anything, or how someone else would be so much more then they would-since they didn't receive accommodations and scholarships when graduating High School!  What they said never held weight with me, because will looking at their lives I figured anything would be better, even just working at the local dollar general.....sort of like "consider the source" type of thinking.  But still, it's unnerving sometimes when people who say they "love you" or "care for you" seem to be your worst critics.  Well, take a look.  Take a look at them kids/adults now.  Yum Yum Crow!!!

The moral of this story is, don't read the book by the cover.  Don't assume you know more then you truly do.  I have watched a lot of people eat crow in the past few years & it's pretty amazing to sit back and be like "I told you so!!!"  <3


Merry Merry to Me

Bible Family | Trenton, FL

Being a single mother is hard work ya'll...but this gorgeous mama bear of two makes it look so easy!  I love love love working with Brittney, as I've said every single time we do a session together.  She makes everything just seem so effortless!  Her beauty and grace shine!

Holiday Minis | Fort White, FL

Just a random selection of family photos taken during our mini session extravaganza...shooting three families in one evening was challenging but I think worth it.  I love photography, and the reason why is because I love seeing the connection people have with their families-I love watching them love.

Minis DONE

Thanksgiving 2014

We had a very busy Thanksgiving this year, so busy that I didn't really get to shoot many pictures while out and about.  We spent the entire day at moms this year, and it was a lot of fun.  We got there early, so long before the turkey was done the guys & I road out to the pit so the fella's could shoot some skeet.  Billy and I got Xander & Weston a new shotgun just for this occasion.  We were lucky enough to have Matthew & Shawn with us too!  YAY!  Now Shawn didn't shoot any skeet, but he sure was a good helper & just adorable to look at in general.  About 1/2 way through the shoot Gavin called, he was having a great Thanksgiving-had a bunch to eat for lunch & was generally just really excited and in a good mood.  We actually got to talk to him for about 15 minutes total.  He told us he made expert, shooting 40/40 during qualifying and is getting a badge for that.  I am one proud momma.  I guess all those video games and airsoft gun wars really paid off, lol.

Billy picked up Olivia right before dinner, and in the last set of pictures you can see how much Layla just loved Olivia.  This was their first time finally meeting each other-officially!  They were both at Gavin's graduation - but Olivia was smaller & it was pouring down rain that day!  It was a amazing Thanksgiving-I am looking forward to Christmas!

Abouhamze Family | Gainesville, FL

One of my oldest friends, best friends if you will.  I met him when I first started working at UF back in 1993...that dates me I know.  He and I have seen a lot together, and when I left the department I was working in for a promotion - he and I remained friends to this day!  So thankful to have such a loving spirit in my small small circle....and when he got married and had babies - my small circle grew just a little bit more!

Gifted Pretties

Today I was gifted with three beautiful  scarves from my dear friend Christine.  I just had to share!  I can't wait to wear them :)

I truly have been blessed with a few amazing friends in my lifetime.  Some are still around, others I have lost touch with for one reason or another-but all still wonderful for my past life or my currently life.  I can't wait to see what the future holds with some of these ladies!

Merry Christmas - Early

xoxo, Lela

Emily | Cedar Key, FL

I just love Cedar Key and when I was asked to shoot a co-workers step daughter there I jumped at the change.  Emily is just the sweetest young lady and I was very happy to meet her.  While I was there, I had the opportunity to meet her grandmother (a fantastic lady), and her sister who was in town visiting (another fantastic lady) well....good luck kiddo in College.....


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