Family is not always in a nice neat little standard box.  Family is often not even blood, but someone you are are drawn to & love deeply as much as, or more then your own flesh & blood.  I have felt this bond over the years with several different people.  My husband is one of those "people" to which I feel a strong bond with.  We certainly are not blood relations.  After a struggling painful two years with this man, I still feel strongly towards him and continue to keep him as my "family".

Over these past few years, I have neglected a few real blood family members as well as friends I feel close to as family.  In 2014 I plan to change that situation among us and to reach out with that olive branch again, not to rebuild something-as it was never broken-but to enhance it and to rekindle it.

For the broken relationships (family & otherwise) I have decided to put the past behind me and move forward into the future.  This being said, this means I am closing the door & leaving them behind me as well.  I simply cannot focus on people who have hurt me for any reason any longer.  I simply cannot focus on the why it has happened any longer.  Just because I am not your "blood" doesn't mean I am not an important part of your family.  And to be pushed aside & to be disrespected goes beyond simple "sorry about that".  I hold no ill will & wish everyone well, I just won't put myself into the position to be upset or hurt like that again.  I simply will not allow myself to be careless with my emotions anymore.

This year is almost over, and I am surrounded by new & old family-blood & non-blood family & I cherish you all equally.  This year, Weston gained a new step-mother, and step-sister when his father married my very good friend Renee.  Renee and I started becoming friends as we grew to know each other when she started dating Josh.  So, look at that-more family!

I have exciting things coming in the new year with these people I love.  For example, in April I am going to visit my "big sister" Yvonne in Washington.  I cannot wait to see her and her beautiful family.  I have longed to be with her again, and it simply has been to long.  Another example, in January we will start getting Olivia more often.  We have worked out a schedule where we'll have her about 40% of the time.  50% would be better, but we'll take what we can for now.

Business wise, I will be changing things up in the new year as well-hopefully for the better!  I know I already feel pretty happy about the changes.

I am feeling very good about the promises of a great year, and the baggage that I had-well, it's been checked in for flight & has gotten lost in transit :)


  1. Bless you Lela & your family. If someone cannot see your worth in any situation they simply are not worth your time.


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