Christmas 2013

This year, Christmas came and went way to fast.  The kids are in their rooms now, playing with the new games, and gadgets & I am sitting alone in my office trying to write a clever blog post.  I think I'll just share a few images taken this month & hopefully they will tell the story.

Above is a photo of most of my moms grand kids.  Teresa & Olivia were not with us on this particular day.  This is Teresa's first Christmas away from home.  She couldn't fly home for the holiday, so she is in Portland this year with her boyfriend & his family.  Olivia, well this is her first Christmas & she is with her mom & her mom's family.  We will be celebrating again when she comes home on Saturday.

I tried to get individual photos of each of the little kids, but only one was serious and willing to pose & do exactly what I asked & that was Brice (my brother Bruce & SIL Colleen's little boy)  He did great, didn't he?

If you'll notice, in almost all the photos-Layla really has no interest in being with Gavin or on the ground by herself for the gate shot-lol.  Poor baby-she just wanted her momma.

When we celebrate Christmas at my moms house, we do it with steaks not turkey or ham.  Yum!!!  Fresh from Ward's in Gainesville FL.

Random acts of cuteness ;)



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