So over the weekend I decided as I got dressed for my busy day on Saturday that I needed to do something with my hair, oh my goodness, it was looking drab.  Billy, Olivia & I went shopping on Sunday morning-so we picked up a few boxes & I colored it myself on Monday!  Not bad if I do say so myself, so far no one at work has noticed-but that's alright, lol. I like that it's so subtle that no one can tell.  But I can tell, and that's all that matters, right?

What a busy weekend we had.  Busy and emotional.  The emotional side won't discussed just yet-but busy because Weston and Xander both had a game on Saturday, Weston's game being his last game for fall.  Xander's last game is tonight.  I'll be keeping score, my favorite, lol.

Saturday afternoon, Billy & I attended Josh & Renee's wedding.  The wedding was a simple backyard wedding, but it was filled with tons of love and appreciation, and that's not simple is it?  It's hard to find love, true love these days.  And when you do find it, it's hard to keep it due to mistakes that people make and judgments by others.  Not to mention your own insecurities & pride.  But if you can find your way back to each other, and remember why you bothered in the first place, you really truly have something special.  No matter what any one else thinks.



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