Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Four Day Weekend

So this weekend was busy.  I babysat my sisters two older kids over the entire weekend.  Dylan is the same age as Weston, so that means those three boys were in heaven.  Maylee is a few years younger & a girl, lol-but she fit in nicely and held her own.  She ruled the roost for most of the time actually.  The kids had fun, even though I probably scared them for life for making them clean their plates.  I heard arguing from Maylee most of the weekend about how "her momma doesn't make her eat all her food...."....eventually she learned that Aunt Lela & Momma were sisters-but not the same person lol!!!

During the sleep over/babysitting the younger boys decided they wanted to have a shared sleeping space & a shared play space rather then two separate bedrooms.  So we rearranged their rooms, and of course because we did that-we had to clean both spaces-which were messy as HELL!  Weston even cried at one point when I dumped the lego box on the ground of the new "cub cave" because is not only filled with Legos, but dirty underware, school papers, a flip flop & sucker sticks...eww.  But after a day of work, the rooms look fabulous.

On Sunday, a friend/family member came out for a quick mini session, I posted a few of her photos yesterday to show them off, what a cute little family.  Kat is a sweet young lady, when she found out about Olivia, she rushed to gather clothes for us & has always been a positive sweet little voice-showing excitement about the new bundle-when most people were like "like OMG".

Taking her photos, however-made me want some of Billy & I too.  But alas, I am a photographer-not a person that hires a photographer.  I actually hate having my picture taken believe it or not.  Be it sneaky or be it on purpose, lol!  So I set up the shots & had Weston snap a few of us-and they turned out really great actually considering that an 11 year old took them :)

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