Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wow, it's almost Halloween.....

Baseball season is in full swing, in fact we only have a few more weeks before it's finally over-mid November.  I shouldn't say FINALLY because we all know I enjoy baseball.  But I am ready to have my boys at home every night again, we literally are at the baseball field 4-5 times a week.  Let me remind you, that there are only 7 days in a week.  So we are seemingly ALWAYS THERE!  We have a game Thursday (both boys) and we have a game on Saturday (both boys) and Xander actually has a double header.  What?   I have been keeping score for Billy's team, so I have been rather busy with that & have little to NO time to snap photos of the kids at all for fall ball.  I think this weekend, I will at least TRY to get a few photos of the kids playing and with their friends.

Teresa is loving it in Oregon these days, she seems to rock back and forth from loving it to hating it.  This week it's love.  She's working hard, but not making a lot of money it seems & I guess the cost of living is a bit more there & they don't have a lot of "discount stores" in the city limits, she said they try to keep them out of town.  I guess they are unsavory for the Portland folks.  IDK!

Billy and I are progressing nicely.  We have our moments, well I should say I have my moments.  He's a perfect angel and works desperately to keep me happy.  Last night I had a little glimmer of light, and he accepted it happily!  He's so patient & willing, that it isn't hard to finally let go of some of my anger, disappointment & disgust.  He just keeps asking for time & time is all I have to give so freely, so what he's asked for seems to be working slowly.

Anyone that knows my husbands knows that he loves sweets, and he has his top favorites for sure.  One of which is cheese cake.  I have found a recipe for low calorie peanut butter cheese cake this morning, and what a delightful little morsel of goodness it reads to be. I do feel like I should make this little diddy tonight when I get home & surprise him.  Now, mind you I cook a lot & even try new things often & so if the way to a mans heart is through his belly-I am golden-but this cheese cake may push it over the top people.  CLICK HERE TO SEE THE RECIPE!

The kids have not even mentioned doing anything for Halloween, and we are getting mighty close.  Are they to old already?  When did I miss the memo?

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