Friday, October 18, 2013

Oh I must tweet about this....

Is there a moral to this comic, aside from just making you laugh because you're the one that's done this to someone, or you've had it done to you?  I see many aspects to this.  This has become our culture now, we spend more time on our phones tweeting, instagraming, facebooking and blogging then we do our families & loved ones.

Personally this specific form of neglect hasn't happened in my family or relationships, but I've had & issued other issues of neglect, and you know what I learned?  Don't neglect the ones you hold most dear.  Because there is always some"thing" out there watching, waiting and lurking around like a creepy spider to pounce on them & try to suck away your affection & attention.  Sometimes they win, even if they win for a short while-sometimes they loose.  But seriously, if you think about it-we all loose.  The creepy spider, the one that neglected attention & the one that was neglected.

The moral is, pay attention the one ones you love & the ones that love you!!!  <3 Big hug, and a kiss (xoxoxo)  Click here for the source (ya know-where I found the funny)

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