Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Oh Baby

Well, we basically have Miss O's room complete, thank you to all at that helped make this happen with your generous support.  Now we just need a few more things to make it 100%.  We need a rug and a little white/brown dresser.  I even thought about going to Target and getting one of those cute little pink plastic 3-drawer dressers.  I bought one in primary colors for Weston when he was a baby & that thing is still in use today (Xander uses it actually).  I could get Xander something different & paint it I guess.  I need to also hang a few more printable's I found that match the WTP bedding & the "O is for Olivia" wall hanging.  Eventually, well need a toy box-but not until much later I am sure-the tiny basket on the floor next to the changing table houses the few toys we have for her now.

It has been a difficult couple of years for our family, mainly my marriage, but it seems we have a ray of sunshine.  Please continue to pray for our family, pray we continue to find guidance & reassurance that we are on the right path as we keep on moving down the line.  Things become increasingly easier for us as each passing day zooms by us.  Before we know it, all the kids will be grown & the recent events will not even sting our hearts anymore.  We'll be to old, and to happy playing with grand babies to even remember that we went through anything.  As long as we continue to put each other first, I think we can accomplish any & every{thing}.  It won't be easy, it never is-but it will be worth it I think (and he thinks) I guess that's all that matters.

Our next little visit is coming soon, maybe I'll snap a few of her in her room chilling...until next time!

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