Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Motorcycles are Bad, M-kay?

I don't want to get to graphic, so these are the only photos I will share.  This is my bonus dad's helmet that he was wearing on Friday, October 11th on his way to work in Cross City.  He was struck by a full grown buck.  The accident broke his nose (again), clavicle, and ribs.  It also lacerated his liver, and he has a punctured lung.  Along with multiple scrapes and abrasions (like his right hand, shoulder, chin).

Poor guy is now, as I type this blog post in the operating room getting the ribs reset with a plate & then the clavicle repaired.  Hopefully soon, after this surgery is over (4-5 hours later) he will finally begin his long road to recovery.  He is surrounded by all the people that love him most.  Everyone has really stepped up to the plate and been there for not only him, but for my mom too.  She was really upset and nervous about every aspect of everything that was going on with his hospital stay-so he certainly could be in worse shape.  Especially considering that when he and his bike went down, he was unable to get himself off the road & there was oncoming traffic.  Lucky for him, a fellow co-worker saw him & he was able to flag down the other people coming down the very dark street (one was a semi) and he basically saved his life.  Amazing.  Keep him in your prayers, please-and my mom.  

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