Monday Night Baseball

We sure did get up to the baseball field early last night, here we are waiting for the coaches to show up.  Weston proudly told Coach Bill how late he was (when he was actually right on time) lol!  We lost, but it was a good game & our boys played pretty good against an older, more experienced majors team.  Xander's team lost as well, but he has a sexy coach....Coach Billy :)
Here's a photo of Coach Billy (Xander's coach) & I at one of our Saturday games (Weston's game), I know it's confusing right?  Weston plays for Bill (Majors) & Xander plays for Billy (Minors).  Got it?  I feel bad about not having that many photos of the kids this fall season of fall ball, but the kids insist that I watch & not take so many photos this season, though when I am at Xander's game I don't get to do either-I am learning to keep fun!!



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