Thursday, October 31, 2013

95 Years in the Making

Well, the Sox pulled it off last night, won the World Series in Game 6 with a 4-2 win over the Cardinals.

I was a bit nervous when the season started.  When I was a child, I was a Cards fan because of my grandpa Martin (who was a Cards fan) and well, my entire family on BOTH SIDES in Illinois.  How did I become a Red Sox fan?  Kids dad, he was a fan & during our marriage he forced me to watch Red Sox baseball with him & I quickly fell in love with that gritty, hairy team back in 2002.  Lucky for me, when I met Billy after my divorce, he was also a Red Sox fan & the passion & love continued.  I watched them rise and I've watched them fall & this year was glorious.  Worst to first!!!  I am sad to see it end, sad to see whoever has helped bring the sox to victory leave Boston & have careers some place else.  But we'll always remember you guys.  A World Series win in Fenway, 95 years in the making.  GO SOX!

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