95 Years in the Making

Well, the Sox pulled it off last night, won the World Series in Game 6 with a 4-2 win over the Cardinals.

I was a bit nervous when the season started.  When I was a child, I was a Cards fan because of my grandpa Martin (who was a Cards fan) and well, my entire family on BOTH SIDES in Illinois.  How did I become a Red Sox fan?  Kids dad, he was a fan & during our marriage he forced me to watch Red Sox baseball with him & I quickly fell in love with that gritty, hairy team back in 2002.  Lucky for me, when I met Billy after my divorce, he was also a Red Sox fan & the passion & love continued.  I watched them rise and I've watched them fall & this year was glorious.  Worst to first!!!  I am sad to see it end, sad to see whoever has helped bring the sox to victory leave Boston & have careers some place else.  But we'll always remember you guys.  A World Series win in Fenway, 95 years in the making.  GO SOX!


This year, sadly-like every year, my husband has to work on Thanksgiving.   Not only does he have to work, but he has to work until rather late in the evening-so he won't be having Thanksgiving with us on the day of.  I am in the process of planning our "home Thanksgiving" and planning our meal.  I feel like, sometimes, I am the only one that plans ahead in these things.  It can't be true can it?  I have been bugging my family, even bugged my husband to get with his side to figure out what we are all doing.  With my bonus dad still in the hospital, it's rather had to get these things down on paper.  I think we'll do Thanksgiving at our home on Saturday, November 30, 2013.  Sounds good hu?  Right when everyone is running out of turkey, my husband will be frying one up just for our beautiful family :)

Here is our menu so far:

Fried Turkey
Whole Fresh Ham
Collard Greens
Fresh Green Beans
Mashed potatoes & turkey gravy
Homemade bread stuffing
Sweet Potato Casserole
Settler Beans
Mac & cheese
Homemade Rolls

& for sweets, pound cake, pumpkin pie and pecan pie bites.

Sound good?  I sure think so.  I can not get enough of my husbands fried turkey, the best thing we'll be having I assure you!  If you're not busy, and I know & love you-please come on by....I'll save ya a bite.

Dag Nabbit....Life Is Good!!!

So this will be a two part blog post, one to just say how wonderful life is.  During the past several weeks, we have been getting to the bottom of a few health issues with my sweetheart, and we finished our last procedure yesterday, and it came back with a clean bill of health.  I am so damn happy about this, I was nervous as hell going into it, for several reasons I won't disclose here, but just know that cancer can be a scary thing-but that's not something we have to deal with at this point (thank goodness).  My darling is free & clear to return to work.

I sure have enjoyed having him home though, he's not only been dealing with figuring out medical things, he's been cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, spending time with the boys, spending time with me, relaxing and just becoming a more relaxed happier guy.

He's back at work today, so the story may change come this evening, but for now-things are perfect.  Grateful for his job, and grateful for our insurance.

Grateful for my own job as well, that I can be off on days I need to be, and when I am at work-I get to view this gorgeous sunrise coming up on campus.  This was just this morning, but I get to see the start of a new day Tuesday-Friday here on Campus & it's always gorgeous & eye catching.  I don't often take the time to step outside on the balcony and snap a photo though-but today is special.
Over the past few weeks, I have seen a few people post some cute comic like photos on facebook, and they've made me laugh & so I thought-heck what is that & where can I find it?  Well, it's an app and I just downloaded it to my phone (bitstripes).  Cute right?  I didn't actually make it, it just pulled info from my facebook I guess & there they are-cute, playful & fun little comic strips.  Yesterday, I planted a bunch of these on my sweetheart & him on me.  Heck, that's just how it's been at our house for a while now-lots of kisses, lots of hugs-lots of appreciation.  He's a brand new man folks.  And I am going to enjoy every second of it.

Part two of this weekend, well that's a happy moment as well.  After over a year, Billy and I finally got to the root of his betrayal.  Finally dug that out and now we can finally (FINALLY) move forward.  Forgiveness, acceptance...it is his & now it's mine.  Let's get this life back on track!!!  Now I can finally hear & feel his love and devotion again!  That's what I am talking about people.


Halloween is just around the corner and all I can think about is my husbands delicious fried turkey from last Thanksgiving, that he will be blessing our family again with this year.  I've never, to date, had a better cooked bird!  He also makes killer scrambled eggs, lol!

While I am thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, my kids are not thinking about anything.  They have not even mentioned Halloween or dressing up & heading out for Trick-or-Treating.  I have never really been to much into Halloween, but I've always done my best to make sure the kids dressed up and went out with friends or their cousins.  This year though, they don't seem interested at all.  Now, granted I know Gavin is to old, but I figured Weston & Xander would still have a mind to go at least once more.  I even mentioned going out to Roger's Farm for the haunted house & games, Weston said-no that sounds boring.  So I guess this year, we'll make popcorn, sprinkle it with M&M's, pop in a scary movie & call it Halloween.   So while everyone else is sharing photos of their kids all dressed up in spooky or super hero attire, my kids will be wrapped in warm blankets, in their underwear laying on the living room floor watching a movie, lol!  Go us!

I guess I knew this day would come, and I thought I'd be happy about it (less cost) but I am a little sad.  Happy Halloween Everyone!!

Things Change, but things stay the same....

The more things change, the more things stay the same.  Billy is a very touchy feely type of guy & he has to have his hand, his arm, his leg, his toe-anything really on me.  Here in this photo, he's fast asleep-but still holding on for dear life.  He says that's what he feels like he has to do these days, just hold on, pray & keep the faith for the two of us.

But we had a breakthrough this weekend.  After some tears, some screaming and some long discussions-a breakthrough was made.  We are both a bit easier today for it.  And so, I can feel his devotion again, I can feel his try and his love.

It's a good feeling.  Great in fact.  Love really does conquer all, even when you don't think it will......

Wow, it's almost Halloween.....

Baseball season is in full swing, in fact we only have a few more weeks before it's finally over-mid November.  I shouldn't say FINALLY because we all know I enjoy baseball.  But I am ready to have my boys at home every night again, we literally are at the baseball field 4-5 times a week.  Let me remind you, that there are only 7 days in a week.  So we are seemingly ALWAYS THERE!  We have a game Thursday (both boys) and we have a game on Saturday (both boys) and Xander actually has a double header.  What?   I have been keeping score for Billy's team, so I have been rather busy with that & have little to NO time to snap photos of the kids at all for fall ball.  I think this weekend, I will at least TRY to get a few photos of the kids playing and with their friends.

Teresa is loving it in Oregon these days, she seems to rock back and forth from loving it to hating it.  This week it's love.  She's working hard, but not making a lot of money it seems & I guess the cost of living is a bit more there & they don't have a lot of "discount stores" in the city limits, she said they try to keep them out of town.  I guess they are unsavory for the Portland folks.  IDK!

Billy and I are progressing nicely.  We have our moments, well I should say I have my moments.  He's a perfect angel and works desperately to keep me happy.  Last night I had a little glimmer of light, and he accepted it happily!  He's so patient & willing, that it isn't hard to finally let go of some of my anger, disappointment & disgust.  He just keeps asking for time & time is all I have to give so freely, so what he's asked for seems to be working slowly.

Anyone that knows my husbands knows that he loves sweets, and he has his top favorites for sure.  One of which is cheese cake.  I have found a recipe for low calorie peanut butter cheese cake this morning, and what a delightful little morsel of goodness it reads to be. I do feel like I should make this little diddy tonight when I get home & surprise him.  Now, mind you I cook a lot & even try new things often & so if the way to a mans heart is through his belly-I am golden-but this cheese cake may push it over the top people.  CLICK HERE TO SEE THE RECIPE!

The kids have not even mentioned doing anything for Halloween, and we are getting mighty close.  Are they to old already?  When did I miss the memo?

Hooker Boots

Is it to early into the fall season to start wearing my knee high boots?  I seriously want to wear them the next time I slip into a dress for work.  I even bought some regular & textured tights to wear with them as soon as it is "socially acceptable".  I am ready people!  I am oh so ready!!
I need to get some brown ones too though, I have two pairs of black ones-a low heal and a high heal!  I'd love to find some like this!!
Let the fun begin :)

Weekend Preview

We had a great visit with Miss O this weekend.  She's growing like a weed.  She seemingly came over to get her sleeping in though, she seemed so exhausted & slept most of the day.  But when she was awake she got our full attention.  I wish we were able to see her more, but we'll take what we can get for now.

Here are a few snaps from our day.

I tried to coach Billy while he snapped a few of me & Miss O, he didn't do to bad.....

Oh I must tweet about this....

Is there a moral to this comic, aside from just making you laugh because you're the one that's done this to someone, or you've had it done to you?  I see many aspects to this.  This has become our culture now, we spend more time on our phones tweeting, instagraming, facebooking and blogging then we do our families & loved ones.

Personally this specific form of neglect hasn't happened in my family or relationships, but I've had & issued other issues of neglect, and you know what I learned?  Don't neglect the ones you hold most dear.  Because there is always some"thing" out there watching, waiting and lurking around like a creepy spider to pounce on them & try to suck away your affection & attention.  Sometimes they win, even if they win for a short while-sometimes they loose.  But seriously, if you think about it-we all loose.  The creepy spider, the one that neglected attention & the one that was neglected.

The moral is, pay attention the one ones you love & the ones that love you!!!  <3 Big hug, and a kiss (xoxoxo)  Click here for the source (ya know-where I found the funny)

Step-Mummies Unite

They have them, yes they do.  Some even say "My Mommies Love Me; Yes Both of Them", which I also like-I wish they were a little more mainstream & not so much airbrushed looking, maybe I can contact someone on etsy about making one a little more "normal looking", maybe even embroidered.  Hmm, my mind is racing now with the possibilities.


If you truly love someone, walking away is never the easiest answer.  If you truly care for them, nothing can tear you apart if both your hearts are in it after a devastating blow.  It can be humbling, but the facts remain.  Some people are out to hurt you, and only think of themselves.  People try to come in and try to destroy something that they had no right to.  In the process destroying their own future for one reason or another.  Changing the face of their own relationships and sometimes even changing yours, all while your back was turned.

Motorcycles are Bad, M-kay?

I don't want to get to graphic, so these are the only photos I will share.  This is my bonus dad's helmet that he was wearing on Friday, October 11th on his way to work in Cross City.  He was struck by a full grown buck.  The accident broke his nose (again), clavicle, and ribs.  It also lacerated his liver, and he has a punctured lung.  Along with multiple scrapes and abrasions (like his right hand, shoulder, chin).

Poor guy is now, as I type this blog post in the operating room getting the ribs reset with a plate & then the clavicle repaired.  Hopefully soon, after this surgery is over (4-5 hours later) he will finally begin his long road to recovery.  He is surrounded by all the people that love him most.  Everyone has really stepped up to the plate and been there for not only him, but for my mom too.  She was really upset and nervous about every aspect of everything that was going on with his hospital stay-so he certainly could be in worse shape.  Especially considering that when he and his bike went down, he was unable to get himself off the road & there was oncoming traffic.  Lucky for him, a fellow co-worker saw him & he was able to flag down the other people coming down the very dark street (one was a semi) and he basically saved his life.  Amazing.  Keep him in your prayers, please-and my mom.  

 photo lelasigna2_zps00fb0aef.png

Oh. O.

Hope you enjoy....this is the last of the set of images I captured of Miss O on our last visit.


Well it just seems to weird to go into Target or Walmart & already see Christmas decorations.  Now, I love Christmas as much as the next person but I am not even prepared for Halloween, let alone Thanksgiving.  How can I even start to think about Christmas?  I had planned, this year, to even decorate for Halloween, that has not happened.  In fact, the fall decorations that I put out last year are still out on the fireplace this year.  I guess I should at least dust them off & put them out so they are more visible.

With Christmas only being a little over two months away, I guess I should start trying to figure out what to get the kids.  With Miss O being so small, she will be easy, I can get her something she needs-or some toys-maybe her first baby doll (for our house).  The boys on the other hand will want something much more expensive and out of reach, like for each of them to have a tablet or a Playstation 4.  I guess we need to buckle down and get this figured out so they are not searching under the tree for empty bags & boxes this year.

Billy & I are pretty simple to buy for for Christmas, last year I don't think we even bought each other a gift due to funding being so tight.  We did go do something later together, but this year I want to try to at least get him something thoughtful.  I have many different ideas, because there are many different things he's mentioned wanting or needing over the past year.  Some items would be hard to buy, like a Seminole charm & necklace.  Yuck.  I would be embarrassed to buy something like that (GO GATORS) lol.  I guess I better suck it up hu?  He doesn't seem to want to change sides anytime soon.

This weekend we are going to my moms for a joint birthday dinner for all the August, September, October & November birthdays.  Should be fun, it's been a while since we've gotten together.  I'll post photos later :)

I am really loving my three day weekends, not so much the long four day work week-but so far it seems worth it.  Since our visits with Miss O are on Sunday's right now, I can get up early & go to bed late knowing I don't have to get up early on Monday, oh yeah.

Oh Baby

Well, we basically have Miss O's room complete, thank you to all at that helped make this happen with your generous support.  Now we just need a few more things to make it 100%.  We need a rug and a little white/brown dresser.  I even thought about going to Target and getting one of those cute little pink plastic 3-drawer dressers.  I bought one in primary colors for Weston when he was a baby & that thing is still in use today (Xander uses it actually).  I could get Xander something different & paint it I guess.  I need to also hang a few more printable's I found that match the WTP bedding & the "O is for Olivia" wall hanging.  Eventually, well need a toy box-but not until much later I am sure-the tiny basket on the floor next to the changing table houses the few toys we have for her now.

It has been a difficult couple of years for our family, mainly my marriage, but it seems we have a ray of sunshine.  Please continue to pray for our family, pray we continue to find guidance & reassurance that we are on the right path as we keep on moving down the line.  Things become increasingly easier for us as each passing day zooms by us.  Before we know it, all the kids will be grown & the recent events will not even sting our hearts anymore.  We'll be to old, and to happy playing with grand babies to even remember that we went through anything.  As long as we continue to put each other first, I think we can accomplish any & every{thing}.  It won't be easy, it never is-but it will be worth it I think (and he thinks)....so I guess that's all that matters.

Our next little visit is coming soon, maybe I'll snap a few of her in her room chilling...until next time!

Monday Night Baseball

We sure did get up to the baseball field early last night, here we are waiting for the coaches to show up.  Weston proudly told Coach Bill how late he was (when he was actually right on time) lol!  We lost, but it was a good game & our boys played pretty good against an older, more experienced majors team.  Xander's team lost as well, but he has a sexy coach....Coach Billy :)
Here's a photo of Coach Billy (Xander's coach) & I at one of our Saturday games (Weston's game), I know it's confusing right?  Weston plays for Bill (Majors) & Xander plays for Billy (Minors).  Got it?  I feel bad about not having that many photos of the kids this fall season of fall ball, but the kids insist that I watch & not take so many photos this season, though when I am at Xander's game I don't get to do either-I am learning to keep score....fun fun!!

Tiny Photo Op

Had a great visit with Miss O this weekend.  She & I had some alone time, just smiling & "talking".  She was very interested in making long periods of eye contact & smiling as I told her how much I loved her and how beautiful she was.  She seems to know it, haha.  ALREADY right?

Here are a few snaps I got during part of our visit.

 She did not like it when I tried to put her hands behind her head.....and this lasted all about two seconds & was basically the only time she cried all day *such a good baby*

& these were taken with my iphone/not 100% clear, but beautiful I'd say!

First {home} Visit (late in blogging)

I will let the few photos I was actually able to capture tell the story of our fist visit at home with Miss O on September 23, 2013.

All are a bit grainy due to the fact that we kept the house kind of dark for her little eyes.  It was a great first visit & we look forward to many more.

& here are our cell phone photos (still have not gotten the photo off Weston's gaming system...ah well.


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