Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Ouch, that's gonna hurt....

Well, some interesting things have come to light over the past week or so.  A person in my life, who has cut me out (so I guess a person that used to be in my life) because they do not like the way we have been handling a recent situation in our lives seems to be having problems of their own.  Funny thing is, this person probably doesn't even know that they are having a problem, because other people are not telling them.  It seems like gossip to talk about in on here, but if this person would have not been such an asshole in regards to certain situations, I would have felt very comfortable in coming to them with something I found out about their partner in life-to give them a heads up, or at least some information so they could go back and talk to this person about what happened.  And what happened is sick, discussing and immoral if you ask me.  Far worst then what MY PARTNER has done....ever.  SO I guess the reason for my post is, before you go throwing rocks at people, make sure your stupid ass doesn't live in a big ol'fat glass house!

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