Savannah, Finally

Well on Saturday morning, since the kids were all gone-Billy and I decided to jump in the car and take a quick trip to Savannah for the evening.  I have never been & he's only driven through, so it was a first for each of us.  What a gorgeous (busy) place.  We had dinner at Lady & Son's, we took a history private horse drawn carriage ride around the city and we walked along the river as well as the historic district.  Listening to music, watching people & even caught the end of the gator game.  We were not able to find a room in the historic district, but Billy found us a great condo out of the city a bit-it was clean, and even smelled nice.  Two flat screen TV's and a big giant king size bed.  Though it was a quick trip, it was great to spend some much needed alone time with my husband.  Here we are downtown-sadly didn't get many photos-but it was only because we were enjoying each other's company so much :)

I think another visit is in order, take the kids & stay downtown so we can walk to all our destinations.  Maybe take some home museum tours & of course, eat!!!

Ouch, that's gonna hurt....

Well, some interesting things have come to light over the past week or so.  A person in my life, who has cut me out (so I guess a person that used to be in my life) because they do not like the way we have been handling a recent situation in our lives seems to be having problems of their own.  Funny thing is, this person probably doesn't even know that they are having a problem, because other people are not telling them.  It seems like gossip to talk about in on here, but if this person would have not been such an asshole in regards to certain situations, I would have felt very comfortable in coming to them with something I found out about their partner in life-to give them a heads up, or at least some information so they could go back and talk to this person about what happened.  And what happened is sick, discussing and immoral if you ask me.  Far worst then what MY PARTNER has done....ever.  SO I guess the reason for my post is, before you go throwing rocks at people, make sure your stupid ass doesn't live in a big ol'fat glass house!

A little newness.....

Introducing Olivia Grayce (DOB: 08/12/2013 @422pm 7.15 pounds & 20 1/4 inches long).  She is my bonus daughter.  For those of you that know me well, you already know about her.  Enjoy (even though it's just a cell phone pic)!

Update.....a small one

Things are finally shaping up it seems to a workable agreement that our family can live with.  Everyone should be proud and happy.  From the way it looks however, some people will be left in the dust by making bad choices early on.  And for that, I am not even sorry.  We are doing the best we can with what we have in this moment, and no one should expect more from us-not even ourselves.  Decisions have been made that some people had no business knowing, nor was it even asked from us.  Toes have been stepped on, and hurtful things have been said that may never be able to cover up as the years go by.  And why?  Selfishness, stupidity?  I am not really sure, I cannot say.  It comes from a good place, I am sure deep down-but on the surface it seems to be done out of how something may look-or how someone else s perceives a situation should be handled when they are not even in the situation themselves.  It has been an eye-opening experience for sure.  Not just for me, but for my husband and my children who are very aware of what's going on and what lines have been drawn by other people who have no right to draw any lines to start with.  The battle is over, but the war rages on.
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Last week, Weston was sick with a tummy bug & I think he passed it on to me and Billy.  We stayed close to home over the weekend, with no kids-just relaxing and recovering.  Sometimes, it's just what you need.


One of my current goals in life, and I have many I am working towards is to listen more and ask more questions.  I have been doing very good with this over the past year and a half, and I guess now I expect it from others.  But others are not me, this is true.  It just makes things so much more difficult when you assume something to be true when you don't even really know what you're talking about.  I challenge you to speak to the people you're having a misunderstanding with & see if you can clear it up.  I have tried, the person isn't ready yet-but the door is open!  Open your doors people!!!

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Best Advice To-Date

"I think we try to hard to encompass all the happiness to please us and others and end up miserable so instead why not focus on just us. We are the ones here 24-7 anyway." TBitch

These past few weeks have been the hardest of my life, but I have had some funny & inspirational ladies to talk to. One of which said this, this morning & it made me smile. And it's true. Time to try to refocus and recenter myself.
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Sometimes, I am a little passive aggressive, just because I don't want to deal with the drama and the bullshit of other people.  But sometimes, I simply am not talking about you.  Believe it or not.  Sometimes, I am actually talking about or mentioning someone else.  If you sees something on my facebook, that you claim you don't want to read-but yet you read anyway that mentions an "dumbass", why would you think I am speaking about you, unless you are being a dumbass?  Strange isn't it?  If you're living your life, not being an dumbass, you're not thinking "omg that bitc# just said dumbass, must be about me" my advice is not to be an dumbass, and all will be right with the world.  either that, or when you block me-stay blocked and stay true to yourself & not have other people tell you what I am saying, that isn't even about you.  Crazy.

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