Monday, July 22, 2013


I have really been out of the loop haven't I?  Oh well, can't be helped.  When you're out living your life so hard it's often difficult to find the time to type up a tweet, facebook post or a blog posting.  Yet, I really need to sit down & post so photos of the kids & Bently of course.

Saturday, we went to my sisters for my neices (Maylee Jean's) 7th birthday party.  The party was fun, even though I really didn't get to talk to my sister to much.  We had an unexpectant visitor (Macen's dad) and his wife/girlfriend & their kids.  I had not seen the twins in years, so it was nice seeing them again even though they didn't remember me at all.  They asked about Jessica, which I thought was sweet.  In the middle of the party, however-my step dad Jonny started having massive chest pains & was rushed to North Florida for observation and some testing.  They did an EKG & ran a number of tests on him, including a stress test but he was released with the "okay" sign and no real idea of what was wrong with him.  Just a few, "it could have been this, or it could have been that" type of diagnosis.  Made me really think about my own health & how I really need to get myself healthy.  I may really need to sit down and decide the best way to put that into motion.

Had a great time celebrating my husbands birthday all day Sunday.  We did some shopping, some eating and some tv/movie watching.  He is so cute, and what a gracious, generous, thankful and loving man he can be as well.

In my thinking, regarding my step dad-I did decide it was time to move my ass at least-so tonight the family & I will start walking.  Hope it sticks, lol ;)

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