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Well, 10 more days and my first born will be flying out to live in the beautiful state of Oregon.  She's been staying with us for a few days, and now we just have a little over a week left together.  Who knows when we'll see each other again.  She was only living an hour away, and due to her schedule (very busy student & full-time worker) and my schedule we didn't get to see each other but a few times a month.  I'll miss her to say the least.

Her visit has been different.  She hasn't lived at home for so long, getting back into a rhythm has been challenging.  The boys, especially Weston has enjoyed having her around however.  Gavin works during the summer, so he's away a lot.  Billy has never lived with her, and I feel like he has some struggles with having another woman in the house as well.  But we're all managing alright.

Today, Weston and I are alone.  Billy sadly had to work, Gavin is at work as well.  Teresa went into town with a friend of hers for a brunch, but should be coming home soon.  Weston and I are watching WE BOUGHT A ZOO!!  Enjoying some quiet time.  I love this mixed up crazy family!!

so behind.

I am so very behind on my blogging, I feel horriable about it.  And I also feel horrible that during our two week vacation, the only real photos I took were from my iphone.  Opps, but I was to busy having fun with my family!

Right now, my daughter is staying with me so my office is her temporary bedroom, and I have not been able to get in there to the computer to do any editing or posting either.  Maybe this weekend I can catch up.  Wanted to come by & just say, I am still alive.  And I am happier than ever.  Summer has been good to our family!

Until next time!

Barrett Family | High Springs, FL

One of my favorite places to shoot, High Springs FL....and this cutie right here.

xoxo, Lela

thought for today

Do you ever wish you could make yourself not desire or want certain things from people (or life for that matter)?  In your desire to have those things, you put pressure and demands on someone who may not even be capable for doing those things for you.  Even if you think it's so "easy" and they should have no problem doing it.

How do you stop yourself from wanting certain things?  How does that person step up to the plate the way YOU want them too?  How do you compromise?  Do you compromise?

Oh to have the answers!!!

On a happier, better note-enjoy this!!!

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