Friday, May 17, 2013

& life progresses

I have decided to take off some time from photography & editing.  That's right, and I may have already blogged about this in the past-but here it is.....I'm closing the doors for June & July, pick back up in August.  I really need this time off with my family, for many reasons:
  • We have two weeks vacation planned in June
  • Teresa will be staying with us for ten days prior to her flight to Oregon
  • I miss the river
  • I miss my boat
  • I miss my tan
  • Spending time with my boys & that means Billy too
  • Spending time with extended family
  • Cleaning my house
  • Organizing my space/office
  • Organizing my closet
  • Organizing my business structure & plan
  • Polish my toes
That will do for now, sounds like a lot doesn't it?  I have already made plans to go to the springs, to the beach, visit a friend at her home, enjoy dinner out, shopping....and yeah, cleaning my house lol....I cannot even remember the last time I cleaned off my vanity in the bathroom.

I hope to snap lots of lovely photos of my kids and I having fun during this time, so I won't be out of commission totally!

Happy Summer!

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