Thursday, May 23, 2013

coming to an end...and it's bitter sweet

Last night was closing ceremonies for the boys, spring ball is officially over.  Weston and Xander were very sad, even disappointed that they were not chosen for All Stars.  We were told by one of the coaches that Weston's stats were actually better than two of the kids that made it from our team, but due to some "technical" issues I won't express here on my blog, he wasn't chosen.  It's sad to me that grown men cannot put their own pride on the back burner for a child.  And it goes to show that the type of person I thought we were dealing with is being shown to be true time and time again.  It's not something I understand, due to the fact that I am not an asshole, but it is something I guess I must accept.

This weekend we have some great things planned though & during the summer as well, and now, that is how you look at the bright side of things my friends.  Instead of sitting in the hot sun watching baseball and driving all over God's beautiful country for several months & eating out of a cooler, we'll be driving to the springs, the beach & other local hang outs, eating out of a cooler lol!

Enjoy your summer folks. I know we will!!!

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