coming to an end...and it's bitter sweet

Last night was closing ceremonies for the boys, spring ball is officially over.  Weston and Xander were very sad, even disappointed that they were not chosen for All Stars.  We were told by one of the coaches that Weston's stats were actually better than two of the kids that made it from our team, but due to some "technical" issues I won't express here on my blog, he wasn't chosen.  It's sad to me that grown men cannot put their own pride on the back burner for a child.  And it goes to show that the type of person I thought we were dealing with is being shown to be true time and time again.  It's not something I understand, due to the fact that I am not an asshole, but it is something I guess I must accept.

This weekend we have some great things planned though & during the summer as well, and now, that is how you look at the bright side of things my friends.  Instead of sitting in the hot sun watching baseball and driving all over God's beautiful country for several months & eating out of a cooler, we'll be driving to the springs, the beach & other local hang outs, eating out of a cooler lol!

Enjoy your summer folks. I know we will!!!

mmmm light leaks

 top was edited with light leaks, part of Michelle Kane's new Half Light action here!
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& life progresses

I have decided to take off some time from photography & editing.  That's right, and I may have already blogged about this in the past-but here it is.....I'm closing the doors for June & July, pick back up in August.  I really need this time off with my family, for many reasons:
  • We have two weeks vacation planned in June
  • Teresa will be staying with us for ten days prior to her flight to Oregon
  • I miss the river
  • I miss my boat
  • I miss my tan
  • Spending time with my boys & that means Billy too
  • Spending time with extended family
  • Cleaning my house
  • Organizing my space/office
  • Organizing my closet
  • Organizing my business structure & plan
  • Polish my toes
That will do for now, sounds like a lot doesn't it?  I have already made plans to go to the springs, to the beach, visit a friend at her home, enjoy dinner out, shopping....and yeah, cleaning my house lol....I cannot even remember the last time I cleaned off my vanity in the bathroom.

I hope to snap lots of lovely photos of my kids and I having fun during this time, so I won't be out of commission totally!

Happy Summer!

....from my quickie session on Wednesday

more to come of course, but isn't she perfect?  I love photographing & editing pictures of my dear friend Samantha .....

i love us.....


Weathers Family | High Springs, FL

This session was brought to you by her friend, who bought her the gift certificate for photos.  It was my very first gifted session from another client.  Sweet little family, so happy to have found them and hope that we get to work together again soon!  Check out the cute freckles of the oldest, I just love freckles!

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Mothers Day Gift | Fort White, FL

These sweet sisters wanted to have photos taken of them for their mother, for Mothers Day.  They drove out to my outdoor studio and brought cute props...and their cute selves.  It was a little breezy that day, but boy was this session fun.  These girls were so easy going, funny, lovable and so thoughtful!  I know that their mama is going to love these pictures!

sparkle sparkle

Have you ever heard of TOMS?  They are being made & sold for a good cause, and they are cute....don't you think?

guess what dummy....?

You control the key to your own happiness.  You cannot control other people.  You cannot control what they think, what they feel or what they do.  Even if you wish they'd just do right.  You have no control over that.  You only have control over yourself.  Keep being a good person.  Keep being strong.  Keep looking forward & not backwards.  There isn't anything back there for you.  When things get messy in your mind and in your heart, look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself, "you're going to be okay", "this isn't going to kill you....".  You'll come out of it clean, because their mistakes are not yours.  You can only be who you are and react the way you react, be true to yourself.  You are beautiful.  You are kind.  You are smart.  You are hard working. You are a good person.  You are not what has happened to you.  You are the same amazing person you were before it happened.  You always will be.  No one can take that away from you.  No one!  Keep moving forward, and give yourself some credit.
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family & friends update for the week.....

Had a scary moment this morning when I was driving into High Springs, had to slam on my breaks & swerve into another lane to avoid running my little car into a big deer.  It's the closest call I've had, to date, with a deer {or anything else for that matter}.  There was a car behind me that was going pretty fast & riding my butt & had been for several miles, thank goodness they were also paying attention as we came across the bridge.  That could have been a big ol'mess.

What else is going on in my world, nothing much.  Friends of ours gave us a pool table, that we have set up in the extra {formal} living room.  The boys have been playing non-stop, with the exception of Xander who is on restriction from it for two days for being careless with the pool stick.  I told each of them, they get one warning & the next time, punishment-they are to old and to bright to be told 100 times to stop doing something, or to do something for that matter.

I have a dear friend moving into the area, cannot wait.  Her being around will cause many great things to happen, 1. GIRLS NIGHTS!  and 2. LONG WALKS & GETTING IN SHAPE.  Sure I could do #2 without her, but it's so much more fun when you have someone to go with you & someone you enjoy being around :)

Work drama has been interesting lately.  I have been told, again, something inappropriate and rude someone else has said about me.  For some reason this co-worker finds it necessary to repeat what others say to her about me, and I don't think the comment was meant to be rude honestly-not from the original person-but it was turned into something rude as it was repeated back to me, told to me in front of several strangers & said with a smile.  I wasn't friendly this time, I said some ugly things back to this person & now this person isn't speaking to me.  I am enjoying the silence, but I do feel like I am in the 8th grade.  Which is sad & petty.  But it's to be expected from this particular person.  I love my job, and I love my supervisor, so I am glad to stick it out ;)

Planning the party for Teresa's going away.  She's moving to Oregon in July, I am sure I've posted about this before-nervous & excited for her.  All grown up, she is.

Weston will be picked for all-stars, but Xander will not.  We shall see if he is allowed to go, we do not like the coach that is going...grrr.....but Weston's coach will be there too-so maybe it won't be so bad.  Oh the things you have to decide.


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