Monday, April 01, 2013

Vacation, 2013

Well, what can I say about vacation 2013 that most of you that follow me on Instagram don't know?  I was sick the entire time.  Yeah, left work on Friday sick & was sick the entire week.  Just now feeling more myself this morning as I return back to work.  Really sucks.

Billy, the boys and I ended up going to the beach anyway.  It was cold, and the bed wasn't comfortable for someone who was sick the entire time wishing she was back at home in her bed.....yawn.  Billy got sick the second half of our vacation and returned to work this morning sick, poor guy-feel so bad for him.

We booked our hotel online just 48 hours before we actually left for St. Augustine, when we arrived at the hotel we booked-me being sick wasn't in the mood for anything, including messy smelly hotel rooms.  I knew that it wouldn't do well for me to be stuck in that particular room the entire vacation with it smelling the way it did and with it being in a location less desirable (near the indoor & only functional pool).  We went to the room, marched right out & demanded our money back and drove down to Daytona and found The Maverick.  Ended up being about the same price & was much much nicer.  We were lucky to have found ONE UNIT still available.  Now, the bed wasn't comfortable - but it was clean & the pool was heated-so the kids actually were able to swim.  More to come later, with a few photos-

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