Monday, April 08, 2013

random thoughts....and a weekend update....

This weekend was Junior Prom, he's my first baby to go to prom.  We rented him a tux & everything.  He looked so handsome & he was very proud.  Here is a snap of Gavin with his date & girlfriend Destiny.
Are they not the cutest.  They had a great time, and it was sad & bitter sweet to watch him & his friends crawl into their cars with dates & head off to the prom.  One more year & he'll graduate high school & make his own way in the world.  I pray that I have taught him how to treat a lady, do laundry & fry bacon lol!

Weston & Xander won their game on Saturday, woot woot.  & I had a session with one of my favorite couples, Holly & Brian.  They are just so cute & so sweet, and really are in love & playful with each other.  It's just something fun to watch & be a part of.  This was Holly's idea, so I can't take credit for it because I have never really photographed silhouettes before, but I think they rocked it & I didn't do to bad either :)

My mixer is on her way to the house, I cannot wait to make pizza dough, bread, pasta, meatloaf, the possibilities for this machine are endless....;) - don't worry I'll post photos of all my yummies as they are produced....and consumed lol

After the kids game on Saturday, Billy & I drove out to Mayo to hang out with his friend Donnie & his wife. They smoked some chicken (which was delish), grilled some veggies & made a cheesey potato dish that is now on my future menu forevah...the night was fun, we drank some beers & played some games.  It didn't end as I had hoped, but I won't let that distract me from the laughs we had before that.  But I did learn a few things about myself that night :)

& in other news....for summer vacation, I was suppose to fly up to see my closest dearest friend who is living, and now working in the gorgeous state of Washington.  I was so excited to be able to go up to see her for two weeks, travel around Washington and Canada, but due to some unforeseen issues with her husbands job-she had to get a job & will now be working :(  A two week vacation isn't likely now-so we're going to plan B & that is a LONG weekend when the weather gets cooler.  That will work, at least I'll get to see her beautiful face & feel the warmth of her friendship, something that I miss dearly since she's moved so damn far away.

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