Thursday, April 25, 2013

don't read this....

It's become pretty clear to me that most people are just selfish and give little to no thought about their actions before they do things that will literally hurt someones feelings or piss them off.  I have noticed this a lot more lately.

For example, I have noticed that people want you to listen to them bitch about their problems, be it work problems, friend problems or family problems-they want to tell you how they feel and complain about whatever it is going on in their lives, but if you seek out that same attention, or need to get something off your chest they are not available to you-or you do not get good solid advice or talk back. You simple get an "lol" or "sorry girl" and then they are off talking about their own shit again.  I let people bend my ear & I listen, give advice if I have anything solid to say - but always talk back to them & let them know I am here & I am listening and hearing them.

Another example, I do things for people for free.  Especially people I care about-I even go out of my way to make this happen, driving hours that costs me gas money.  And instead of a thank you, and being loyal to me and my business they accept someone else to do the same thing I do (only better) for free or pay a nominal fee for.  I guess you don't always have to be loyal to me as a photographer, even if you are a family member or a dear friend-but can't you at least give me a heads up that you're going to have someone take your photos & post the crappy poor quality images on facebook, where I have everyone emailing/texting me saying OMG did you SEE the PHOTOS SO & SO had done....they are HORRIBLE, WHY didn't they HAVE YOU DO THEM!?  I know, this is a rant & everyone is entitled to shop any place they see fit, but isn't there a certain thing called loyalty?  Is it to much to ask for a "heads up"?  I have been told, on several occasion things like this "we'd love to hire you, your work is so amazing, but my sister-in-law is a photographer & I know it would just hurt her feelings if we used someone else", or "my mom is a photographer" or something along those lines.  I do have my loyal customers & I thank God for them-they are amazing.  Maybe I am just being a big baby about it, IDK-but it's how I feel.

And in other news, I have been thinking about shutting down Great Outdoor Studio photography for the months of May-August to spend some much needed time with family, maybe do some projects of taking photos around the house of the boys and Bentley, oh and of course the husband.  They should really love that lol.

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