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Well, my daughter is moving away.  She's accepted a position at a farm doing work exchange.  Click here for more information.  It's crazy, she's always wanted to "grow up and move away" but it has thus far just been talk, been a dream-but she's making it happen July 10, 2013.  The plane ticket has already been purchased.  Check out this photo of the area she'll be living....gorgeous right?  I am so proud of her...she works hard, and now she's off to explore & fly......

He stopped Loving her Today...

Makes me sad, RIP.

just because I feel happiness....

don't read this....

It's become pretty clear to me that most people are just selfish and give little to no thought about their actions before they do things that will literally hurt someones feelings or piss them off.  I have noticed this a lot more lately.

For example, I have noticed that people want you to listen to them bitch about their problems, be it work problems, friend problems or family problems-they want to tell you how they feel and complain about whatever it is going on in their lives, but if you seek out that same attention, or need to get something off your chest they are not available to you-or you do not get good solid advice or talk back. You simple get an "lol" or "sorry girl" and then they are off talking about their own shit again.  I let people bend my ear & I listen, give advice if I have anything solid to say - but always talk back to them & let them know I am here & I am listening and hearing them.

Another example, I do things for people for free.  Especially people I care about-I even go out of my way to make this happen, driving hours that costs me gas money.  And instead of a thank you, and being loyal to me and my business they accept someone else to do the same thing I do (only better) for free or pay a nominal fee for.  I guess you don't always have to be loyal to me as a photographer, even if you are a family member or a dear friend-but can't you at least give me a heads up that you're going to have someone take your photos & post the crappy poor quality images on facebook, where I have everyone emailing/texting me saying OMG did you SEE the PHOTOS SO & SO had done....they are HORRIBLE, WHY didn't they HAVE YOU DO THEM!?  I know, this is a rant & everyone is entitled to shop any place they see fit, but isn't there a certain thing called loyalty?  Is it to much to ask for a "heads up"?  I have been told, on several occasion things like this "we'd love to hire you, your work is so amazing, but my sister-in-law is a photographer & I know it would just hurt her feelings if we used someone else", or "my mom is a photographer" or something along those lines.  I do have my loyal customers & I thank God for them-they are amazing.  Maybe I am just being a big baby about it, IDK-but it's how I feel.

And in other news, I have been thinking about shutting down Great Outdoor Studio photography for the months of May-August to spend some much needed time with family, maybe do some projects of taking photos around the house of the boys and Bentley, oh and of course the husband.  They should really love that lol.

shameless selfie

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Spring Ball Tournament

This past weekend was a long one, filled with baseball and more baseball.  We had a tournament in Alachua on Friday & Saturday (possibly Sunday).  It rained, it was cold.  The boys played great & they had a ton of fun.  What a great group of kids. {Photos courtesy of Teresa McLaughlin}
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I can't say what it is yet, but something exciting is brewing for Mr. & Mrs. Billy W. Johnson!  Yes sir.  I'll post more when I know more & can actually share it.  Just know it's amazing & outstanding & really will make us both extremely happy!!!
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....sticking with love......

Holly & Brian | Fort White, FL

Ahhh, Holly and Brian - I never get enough of these two.  Holly messaged me and asked me to please allow them to come out to the outdoor studio for a quick session - as she was wanting to get a silhouette of her and Brian for her new Visa check card.  I was totally down with that, it was something I never even thought about before - and she'd be whipping that thing out all over town - showing off the photo I took of them - yep, let's do this I told her & so we did.....

xoxo, Lela

my worst enemy

is myself, and this past week I have been beating the hell out of myself....I read this just now & it really did help me put into perspective what I've been dealing with...and this is my story & this is my life & everything will be okay no matter what direction it goes, so I should just.......release it & let go.....

goodbye skin....take a vacation

Do you ever feel like your skin is crawling?  Like you can't even stand to be wearing your own skin, that it hurts, itches & you just feel retched?  I feel like that right now.  All I want to do is go home, have some wine & put my feet up and make my brain turn off.

I keep reading inspirational stuff, but I can't seem to take the advice.  It seems so easy to do it, but then why can't I just do it?  Am I not ready, am I deep down not willing, am I unable?  I just don't know.  All I do know is, is I am over this day.....

random thoughts....and a weekend update....

This weekend was Junior Prom, he's my first baby to go to prom.  We rented him a tux & everything.  He looked so handsome & he was very proud.  Here is a snap of Gavin with his date & girlfriend Destiny.
Are they not the cutest.  They had a great time, and it was sad & bitter sweet to watch him & his friends crawl into their cars with dates & head off to the prom.  One more year & he'll graduate high school & make his own way in the world.  I pray that I have taught him how to treat a lady, do laundry & fry bacon lol!

Weston & Xander won their game on Saturday, woot woot.  & I had a session with one of my favorite couples, Holly & Brian.  They are just so cute & so sweet, and really are in love & playful with each other.  It's just something fun to watch & be a part of.  This was Holly's idea, so I can't take credit for it because I have never really photographed silhouettes before, but I think they rocked it & I didn't do to bad either :)

My mixer is on her way to the house, I cannot wait to make pizza dough, bread, pasta, meatloaf, the possibilities for this machine are endless....;) - don't worry I'll post photos of all my yummies as they are produced....and consumed lol

After the kids game on Saturday, Billy & I drove out to Mayo to hang out with his friend Donnie & his wife. They smoked some chicken (which was delish), grilled some veggies & made a cheesey potato dish that is now on my future menu forevah...the night was fun, we drank some beers & played some games.  It didn't end as I had hoped, but I won't let that distract me from the laughs we had before that.  But I did learn a few things about myself that night :)

& in other news....for summer vacation, I was suppose to fly up to see my closest dearest friend who is living, and now working in the gorgeous state of Washington.  I was so excited to be able to go up to see her for two weeks, travel around Washington and Canada, but due to some unforeseen issues with her husbands job-she had to get a job & will now be working :(  A two week vacation isn't likely now-so we're going to plan B & that is a LONG weekend when the weather gets cooler.  That will work, at least I'll get to see her beautiful face & feel the warmth of her friendship, something that I miss dearly since she's moved so damn far away.

taxes, crap

Man, it just dawned on me that I have not completed our taxes yet.  Blah, it's not like we're getting back a bunch of money or anything-but $100 is $100 right? LOL!  I guess I need to get cracking, I'm just still not feeling 100%-been sick for almost two weeks.  I guess next time a cold like condition comes over me, I need to go to the doctors straight away instead of allowing my body to fight it off-because that takes forever it seems.

Gavin's birthday was a success.  He loved his gifts (Money), the cake & the ice cream treats.  Today, he and Billy are going to get measured for his tux for prom.  Can you believe it, 17 years old & getting fitted for a tux for his junior prom.  He's got a date and everything.  When he asked this young lady to the prom, they were just going as friends-now they are dating & are going as boyfriend & girlfriend.  Makes me so nervous, I mean-I know what I was doing at his age....eeek.  He's a good kid though, and we are very proud of him.

Quick Edit....

Just a quick and dirty edit.  Showing you some before & after photos of yours truly.  As you can see, I reduce the dark circles under my eyes, brighten the eyes & sharpen them, smooth out the skin just a little so the pore are not as noticeable & remove the blemish on my forehead.  Yes sir.

Spring Break 2013, Vacation Photos

 He & Weston bumped head/lip....ouchy!!!

Vacation, 2013

Well, what can I say about vacation 2013 that most of you that follow me on Instagram don't know?  I was sick the entire time.  Yeah, left work on Friday sick & was sick the entire week.  Just now feeling more myself this morning as I return back to work.  Really sucks.

Billy, the boys and I ended up going to the beach anyway.  It was cold, and the bed wasn't comfortable for someone who was sick the entire time wishing she was back at home in her bed.....yawn.  Billy got sick the second half of our vacation and returned to work this morning sick, poor guy-feel so bad for him.

We booked our hotel online just 48 hours before we actually left for St. Augustine, when we arrived at the hotel we booked-me being sick wasn't in the mood for anything, including messy smelly hotel rooms.  I knew that it wouldn't do well for me to be stuck in that particular room the entire vacation with it smelling the way it did and with it being in a location less desirable (near the indoor & only functional pool).  We went to the room, marched right out & demanded our money back and drove down to Daytona and found The Maverick.  Ended up being about the same price & was much much nicer.  We were lucky to have found ONE UNIT still available.  Now, the bed wasn't comfortable - but it was clean & the pool was heated-so the kids actually were able to swim.  More to come later, with a few photos-


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