Tuesday, March 19, 2013

time watcher

Indeed things are improving on the home front.  It's funny, the advice I have received over the past few weeks has been "give it time..." Give it time?  Really, I don't like time-I don't like being patient, so that as advice isn't the greatest but it was the truest.  Time has ticked on of course, because that is what time does-it's all time does actually-just move forward.  So almost a month later, I have actually improved my frame of mind.  I have actually started to see some light.  Which is grand for me since I have been so negative and in so much despair.

I know that time will continue to move forward & I will just simply improve every day.  As long as nothing else is thrown into the mix, we'll simply just continue to improve.  Thank you for the ones that stood beside me, encouraging me and giving me advice and just plain listening to me grip!

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