Friday Thought

I like this quote, but in my current situation-the person that makes me laugh "almost" everyday has caused me extreme grief & pain along the way as well.  Does one counteract the other?  Does one cancel out the other?  How do you continue to find joy and happiness with someone who keeps letting you down?  How do you find it in your heart, your sole & your body to move past that & find that happy place again.  Is that happy place gone?  Can be be replaced with a new happy place?  Should you just give up and resign yourself to not being able to regain that with your partner, or hell-even worst-with yourself?

How do you laugh with someone so greatly and then cry with them the next day?  Is this life?  Is it suppose to be this hard?  When I look around at the new relationships people are having around me, it seems like they are in some dream world, the same world I lived in not just a little over a year ago.  I don't necessarily want to return to that fancy dreamy state of mind-but it would be nice to find some peace from the unstoppable things I am constantly thinking about now.  When my eyes are closed, and I am in deep sleep is the only time images, thoughts & sadness isn't in my mind & heart.
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