Wednesday, February 20, 2013

writers block...

Today I don't have anything really interesting to share with you, life is just plugging away right now-shaping and shifting towards another weekend with my family, my husband.  Macen turns two this weekend, we may end up going over for a visit on Sunday (and some cake) but we have not made up our minds yet-we have to find Gavin a truck or a car still, so we may be test driving or something along those lines.

It's hard to think about not having three cars for a few days, and how much we really rely on Gavin and his fantastic driving skills at this moment in time.  Poor kid, but I think he likes it...he gets a free car & gas paid for him-so why complain right?

Yesterday at baseball practice, Weston practiced as catcher & Coach Bill even let him get on the mound to try his hand at pitching.  He surprised me and did better then I expected. I was very nervous about him attempting to do it, because when he's tried at home, it wasn't a successful attempt.  Made me very proud of him, and heck he sure was proud of himself.  It's a great feeling when you see your kids put themselves out there and give things a try, regardless if they won't be good at it or they'll be embarrassed if they fail.  I love that about my boys.  I certainly have great kids.

Well, I guess that's all I have for now.  Much love.

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