quick update....

What's new with us?

Well, Gavin bought his prom ticket last week-so we'll be renting him a tux & he'll be going to prom.  Seems weird that they are having prom at the SCHOOL, but I guess it's better that way, not all that driving into Gainesville business.  How handsome he'll be in a tux and shiny shoes.

The boys are really loving going over to Sam & Rich's house a few days a week.  They just love them & their kiddos. It's really nice to have people in town that you can trust like family, and in some cases-trust more then family.

I have a quick boudoir session planned this weekend, looking forward to trying out some new poses & see what I can do with a plus size model.  I am also cleaning up the house a bit, cleaning out my closet as well as the coat closet.  I am also downsizing the small amount of props I have.  I don't use them as much as other folks, so I am going to offer them up to some of the other local photographers I know.

I am hoping to get the husband to take me to dinner Saturday night to celebrate Valentines Day & just being together & loving each other.  During the week is kind of out of the question with the kids & my work schedule.

All the February birthdays are over.  We had a cook out on Sunday to celebrate.  Teresa, Mom, Jonny & Charles are now another year older & another year wiser.

This morning had a strange thing happen, hopefully the situation will continue to work itself out.  One thing is for sure, I have some amazing friends....



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