Monday, February 11, 2013

let's see

This weekend went by pretty quickly.  I don't feel like I got done 1/2 as much as I would have liked.  I had to cancel a session on Sunday because I still had so much left to do.  Ug.  What did we do?  Well Saturday, we got up early & took the kids to baseball assessments   Well, I take that back-we took Weston to assessments-Shelly (Xander's mom) brought him up there since it's her time with him :)  They didn't actually have to be there, it turns out, since Billy is assistant coaching the boys will automatically be on his team.  Then after that, we went back home-made sure Bentley was settled & went into Lake City to do a little shopping.  Got her some new food, she's now eating Taste of the Walk, like Billy's sister suggested & got her a crate (kennel).  She's so cute, but boy does she hate that thing.  We ran into Walmart-got a blu-ray player (since the psIII has made it's way into Weston's room lol), got a roast for Billy to grill and headed back home for some relaxing on the sofa together.  Gavin ran into Fort White & got us a couple movies-we watched Seven Psychopaths & Alex Cross (both pretty good).  Sunday we messed around at the house a bit, doing laundry & cleaning up - and THEN headed back into Lake City for some MORE shopping (Billy a new pair of shoes, Weston his Patriots Jersey) and some GOOD OL'GROCERY SHOPPING.

Last night The Walking Dead came back on, did you watch it?  It was pretty good, I thought it would be more dramatic.  I didn't really like that the highlight of the entire episode was Rick going nuts again.  What kind of leader is he going to be if he keeps talking to his dead & ate wife?  GET A GRIP! LOL!

Let's hope this week is easy, quick & fun! Much love!

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