funny, and sad

Yesterday, while at work-someone called up asking if we had a "New York Times" in our office that someone could have....we asked around & as a joke I said "I don't know anyone smart enough that would read the NYT"..and my co-worker said...."oh gee thanks..." and then went on to say how much she didn't like it and how silly it was and a bunch of other negative things....basically making it out to be a ignorant persons this morning-this same person brought in a NYT's and said "look, look what I brought in..." as to PROVE she's "Smart Enough"  Kind of made US laugh..but was also-kind of sad....why go through so much trouble and why for goodness sakes would you change the way you feel about something because of something I said, as a joke?  Keep your opinions....geesh!


  1. There used to be a box outside where you could get a free NYT if you swiped your Gator1.... Not sure if it's still there or not.


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