I am tired, and I am emotionally drained.  I am looking forward to my weekend-though it's going to be action packed.  I should close down my photography business during the months of baseball-it would make more sense.  But I already have some people on the books.  I need a vacation :)

weekend teaser....

I can't wait to blog about my weekend & what we did.....stand by ;) should have something posted tonight!!!
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feels like home

Over the years, my blog layout for my personal blog has changed so much.  I have flip flopped through free designs as well as paid designs.  I have wasted a lot of money (hard earned) to purchase these designs - only to really fall in love with my own design.  I have used this particular layout, and design for a while now-and really love it more then I can say right now.....it feels like me.  Whimsical and romantic, sweet & tender....loving & caring...yes, yes I am those things! LOL!

writers block...

Today I don't have anything really interesting to share with you, life is just plugging away right now-shaping and shifting towards another weekend with my family, my husband.  Macen turns two this weekend, we may end up going over for a visit on Sunday (and some cake) but we have not made up our minds yet-we have to find Gavin a truck or a car still, so we may be test driving or something along those lines.

It's hard to think about not having three cars for a few days, and how much we really rely on Gavin and his fantastic driving skills at this moment in time.  Poor kid, but I think he likes it...he gets a free car & gas paid for him-so why complain right?

Yesterday at baseball practice, Weston practiced as catcher & Coach Bill even let him get on the mound to try his hand at pitching.  He surprised me and did better then I expected. I was very nervous about him attempting to do it, because when he's tried at home, it wasn't a successful attempt.  Made me very proud of him, and heck he sure was proud of himself.  It's a great feeling when you see your kids put themselves out there and give things a try, regardless if they won't be good at it or they'll be embarrassed if they fail.  I love that about my boys.  I certainly have great kids.

Well, I guess that's all I have for now.  Much love.

cloudy days....

This is how I am feeling today....or at least hoping today.  I want to rid my mind of these cobwebs, but I am not finding the answers to how I can do it....

big picture/little picture

Facebook isn't a personal private page, where you can post things that you're feeling when you're blue. People do not want to hear about your hard times, unless it's just to gossip to others about, because they are either really lonely & sad in their own lives-or they were jealous of what you had and now that you're having a hard time it makes them happy....and takes away that green monster.  IDK what it is.  I try not to fall into it, and have removed people from my life that do these things.  When I was younger I hardly noticed this about certain friends-my mom would always point it out-but I wasn't as eager to know this about people.

These past weeks have been very difficult for our family.  I won't go into details, but just know it's been hard.  I have had a few people to talk to about it but decided when everything came to light that I would keep it all on the down low because really the only people that matter in the entire situation is who's living under my roof, they will be the people affected & they are the ones that I am most concerned about.  People will have their opinions, and they'll say "well if it were me..." but the fact of the matter is-at some point this was you and you dealt with it similarly to how I am....or it's never happened to you & so you cannot say what you'd do because you simply do not know truly until your faced with a hard decision.

I have not made the hard decision yet, that final decision.  I have put things into perspective and I have put things into categories.  Trying to make sense of every single moment and every single piece of information I have so I can make a final sound decision.  It's important to me and it's important to my family.  Am I making a mistake?  Maybe, but only I will know that.  Only I know what I have to loose if I give up.  Well, I say only I-but there is another person who knows that they also have a lot to loose.  And we are working through that together.  With love & kindness......

It's easy to look at the little picture and make a rash quick decision, it's quite another thing to look at the big picture....

Keep us in your prayer....

.....Spring has Sprung

& for the record....

I did end up with valentines at the end of the day.  I received big strong tight hugs from Xander & Weston.  I didn't post my gifts on facebook because I couldn't really take a picture of the love they showed me.  Billy brought me home a card, with sorrowful words-since he's in the dog house right now.  I accepted the card, but he and I have a long road to walk together.
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...if you love someone

If you love someone, truly love someone you show them every day.  You show them every minute.  You show them that you love them even when they are not around, and when they are not looking.  You should show them even if they'll never find out how you've proved it to them.  You show them if you're 1,000 miles away from them & you show them if they are laying right next to you in the bed.

let's see

This weekend went by pretty quickly.  I don't feel like I got done 1/2 as much as I would have liked.  I had to cancel a session on Sunday because I still had so much left to do.  Ug.  What did we do?  Well Saturday, we got up early & took the kids to baseball assessments   Well, I take that back-we took Weston to assessments-Shelly (Xander's mom) brought him up there since it's her time with him :)  They didn't actually have to be there, it turns out, since Billy is assistant coaching the boys will automatically be on his team.  Then after that, we went back home-made sure Bentley was settled & went into Lake City to do a little shopping.  Got her some new food, she's now eating Taste of the Walk, like Billy's sister suggested & got her a crate (kennel).  She's so cute, but boy does she hate that thing.  We ran into Walmart-got a blu-ray player (since the psIII has made it's way into Weston's room lol), got a roast for Billy to grill and headed back home for some relaxing on the sofa together.  Gavin ran into Fort White & got us a couple movies-we watched Seven Psychopaths & Alex Cross (both pretty good).  Sunday we messed around at the house a bit, doing laundry & cleaning up - and THEN headed back into Lake City for some MORE shopping (Billy a new pair of shoes, Weston his Patriots Jersey) and some GOOD OL'GROCERY SHOPPING.

Last night The Walking Dead came back on, did you watch it?  It was pretty good, I thought it would be more dramatic.  I didn't really like that the highlight of the entire episode was Rick going nuts again.  What kind of leader is he going to be if he keeps talking to his dead & ate wife?  GET A GRIP! LOL!

Let's hope this week is easy, quick & fun! Much love!


Talk about your bags....

very excited about The Walking Dead coming back on this Sunday!

quick update....

What's new with us?

Well, Gavin bought his prom ticket last week-so we'll be renting him a tux & he'll be going to prom.  Seems weird that they are having prom at the SCHOOL, but I guess it's better that way, not all that driving into Gainesville business.  How handsome he'll be in a tux and shiny shoes.

The boys are really loving going over to Sam & Rich's house a few days a week.  They just love them & their kiddos. It's really nice to have people in town that you can trust like family, and in some cases-trust more then family.

I have a quick boudoir session planned this weekend, looking forward to trying out some new poses & see what I can do with a plus size model.  I am also cleaning up the house a bit, cleaning out my closet as well as the coat closet.  I am also downsizing the small amount of props I have.  I don't use them as much as other folks, so I am going to offer them up to some of the other local photographers I know.

I am hoping to get the husband to take me to dinner Saturday night to celebrate Valentines Day & just being together & loving each other.  During the week is kind of out of the question with the kids & my work schedule.

All the February birthdays are over.  We had a cook out on Sunday to celebrate.  Teresa, Mom, Jonny & Charles are now another year older & another year wiser.

This morning had a strange thing happen, hopefully the situation will continue to work itself out.  One thing is for sure, I have some amazing friends....

funny, and sad

Yesterday, while at work-someone called up asking if we had a "New York Times" in our office that someone could have....we asked around & as a joke I said "I don't know anyone smart enough that would read the NYT"..and my co-worker said...."oh gee thanks..." and then went on to say how much she didn't like it and how silly it was and a bunch of other negative things....basically making it out to be a ignorant persons paper.....so this morning-this same person brought in a NYT's and said "look, look what I brought in..." as to PROVE she's "Smart Enough"  Kind of made US laugh..but was also-kind of sad....why go through so much trouble and why for goodness sakes would you change the way you feel about something because of something I said, as a joke?  Keep your opinions....geesh!

no puppy breath just yet.....

Well it seems like our puppy dreams are still on hold.  Hopefully tomorrow we'll know more tomorrow.  The original puppy seems to be out of the question now & so we're looking into another one that Eualina (my sister in law) found us....fingers crossed we'll have a baby girl tomorrow!

Brock Family | Trenton, FL

As you may remember, I just did the maternity photos for this sweet family (at this beautiful home/property) out in Trenton!  Well, here she is - baby sister....the newest member of the Brock family!  An extra congratulations to you guys!  I know you're already in crazy mad love with this sweet face!  Thanks for having me back to capture these images for you!

xoxo, Lela


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