...weekend is over...want a little more ;)

What a great busy weekend.  I could have used another day off my day job though.  Since I had two sessions this weekend, I have lots & lots of editing to do...and I would have loved to stay home and do that.  What else did I do....well, we signed the boys up for spring ball, I bought some custom made crates & a new purse....pretty hu?  So very excited. I've already received compliments & I've only been at work 53 minutes & only TWO other people are here with me right now, haha.  Oh we did the grocery shopping & even managed to get in some time to eat some BBQ together.  It was fabulous.

The husband was in a great mood all weekend, all flirty & mean, lol!  I hope everyone else had a great weekend as well & that the week is gorgeous & perfect....



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