Wednesday, January 16, 2013

ugly words

I work with someone who never has a nice thing to say about anyone.  She's always talking about how others dress, how they smell, how they talk, their lack of education, how they look, their hair, their weight, if they dress to sexy..just anything and everything.  I ignore her most fo the time, but I often think to myself, if she talks about people that she is friends with, I wonder what ugly things she has to say about me behind my back.  The facts are, it doesn't really matter-but when I hear how she speaks, it does make me wonder.  I would if it would piss me off or if I would just get a good laugh out of it.  The stuff she does now, has gotten so bad that I am about ready to tell her that it makes me feel uncomfortable and I want her to stop!  It won't go over well, but I think it's gotta be done!  She's stealing my joy daily because it upsets me to listen to her judge people so harshly, especially-last time I checked-she isn't one is!  It's our differences that make us gorgeous and amazing.  If someone is going to be judged by someone, let's do it on their character or lack there of....

xoxo, lela

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