Tuesday, January 15, 2013

turning a buck

I love babies, from the sounds they make to their sweet little smiles. Having said that, I do not think I want to specialize in photographing them.  My style of photography doesn't really make me a good infant photographer, unless you want natural, beautiful images of your baby just being a baby-in your home.  I do not like posing them in weird "trendy" positions and I do not like using weird "trendy" props, which makes me not a very Trendy Infant Photographer.  I do not want to change the way I see things and the way I view my art to make a buck either.  What can a person do?  My husband said "well you need to do what the client wants.." but is that the case with photography?  I mean, don't you do it because it's your art, not to just turn a buck!?  I may not be making any sense....

xoxo, lela

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  1. I think there's a balance to be struck. Sometimes I'll take a request to make something outside the usual things I make...sometimes I won't. Depends on what it is (usually more than who is requesting...but that plays into it too...) But no...If I really don't want to make X, I'll just say no.