Thursday, January 24, 2013

things to do.....gotta keep up

Do you ever feel like you cannot keep up with your own life?  How crazy is that?  I am the ultimate one that has control over my own life, my own schedule...right?  I have a list a mile long of things to remember to do today, and this weekend..and I certainly hope I can get everything accomplished.

For example:

  1. grocery shop
  2. finish the laundry
  3. find all Xander's black socks
  4. sign the boys up for Spring ball
  5. email upcoming clients & models contracts
  6. collect one outstanding invoices (session deposits)
  7. deposit that money once collected
  8. taxes!
  9. fix Billy's work pants (buttons missing)
  10. clean up the office
  11. clean out my closet
  12. try to get with Kim about new purse
  13. sell my old Vera Bradley purse
  14. sell my old Vera Bradley wallet
  15. sell my old Red Cross over bag
  16. sell my Vera Bradley wallet that matches
  17. get with lady who is making 6 crates for me (for the boys rooms)
  18. order Billy some new work boots
  19. order the boys some boots
  20. finally buy Gavin the Nexsus 7
  21. pick up new table & chairs
  22. find someone to take my table & chairs
  23. order family prints for Billy's mom & sisters
  24. order family prints for me :) ( discount code: FB50off)
  25. hang the j in my bedroom
  26. hang the wreath in the living room
  27. put away pumpkin decor
  28. have boys straighten up shed
  29. get a small dog crate
  30. pick up new puppy :) (her name is Zoe but the boys want to rename her Lillipup)
  31. buy snacks for boys to take to Sam's
  32. get with Sam about session
  33. get my dress, boots & shrug back from Sam lol
  34. have session this weekend with J
  35. have session this weekend with baby Eva
  36. edit J's pictures
  37. edit Eva's picturs
  38. BLOG J's pictures
  39. BLOG Eva's pictures
  40. text Nancy Bowden if things fall through this weekend
  41. add Macy to calendar for model session on 3/10
  42. add Ann's daughter to calendar for model session on 2/17
  43. do a flyer for old clients, offering them discount on digital files

& the list goes on and on...I hope to complete some of these things....pray for me!
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